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Friendship is Magic

Hi.  Yes.  I neglected this space.  Like, you care that my life got so busy.  But you know, end of the school year.  Soccer, swimming, play dates.  Being outside.  All of that same nonsense that everyone has going on.  Also?  PRESCHOOL GRADUATION.  Like, dudes, I think a graduation for 5-year-olds is a bit ridiculous, but you won’t see anyone more proud to watch the little ceremony.  But I will officially have a kindergartener.  Do you realize that this blog is ten years old?  It’s OLDER than my kids.  Combined.

Anyway.  Let’s talk about My Little Ponies.  I loved the MLP’s when I was a kid.  And my 1980′s heart has a beef with the new ones.  So here you go.  I call this, “Fuckin’ Ponies.”


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