I thought this was a dead blog?

by statia on May 4, 2017

As of 2015, two people dropped by from an RSS feed. This is still considered ancient in internet years. Standard measurement of internet years? One day is one year. This is scientific calculation level shit here. Go look it up for yourself.

No need to be a blind follower

So if there are none of you out there, or even the last two, it’s Ok. I don’t care either way. Because in all honesty, it’s nice to know not many people are reading. Not that I’m dumping some deep dark secret, either. But let’s face it, with social media paying attention to everything, it’s nice to not have sixty million people reading. Or a thousand. But I could get off on a million different tangents at once about it. It’s not my point. My point is, I pay for this mother fucking space, and I’ve been kind of both afraid to use it, because who cares? And also being in the throes of motherhood, just did really NOT A GOD DAMNED THING for the wherewithal to do anything with a creative moment. Let alone actually remember to document it in some way.

My house is pretty chaotic, to say the very least.

But as time has gone on, as it does, I realize that I miss documenting my life. At the very least my own stupid shit. I stopped more out of privacy for my kids. And blogs dying. And lack of confidence in myself. And fill it in with a million excuses, but is just that. Excuses.

So because my kids are still kids, but in that tween stage, my commitment to not embarrassing them (much) on the internet, is still priority number one.

Also because any of you that was a past regular probably loved Gromit more than me. You used me for my dog! So I thought to myself: Self? What better way to try to become internet popular on an archaic platform than to just get a new dog?

Right? I play totally dirty. I might get one of you back here.

Sarcasm aside, if we aren’t facebook friends, we did actually finally go ahead and fill our home with another lab. Because two kids, two cats and a 12 year-old chihuahua aren’t enough. We are clearly insane.


IMG_9100 No carbon copies here!

Meet Winston. Winston is obviously not Gromit. He will never be Gromit. Gromit was his own special brand of lab. I’m not kidding. Winston makes me miss Gromit more some days. But that doesn’t mean this dog hasn’t nestled his way into my heart the way he pushed his siblings aside for milk. There was room. There’s always room. That worry will always crop up when you first foray into a new adventure like this. They quickly become a part of your family, though. Despite their flaws, of which this boy has few. I’m not trying to brag. We did a lot of work and saved and dug deep into our experience bag to pull us through the early puppyhood stages. I was not really looking forward to puppyhood, to be honest. I hate training another living thing to shit where it’s supposed to. Because at the end of it, you are just waiting for literal shit to happen somewhere. I can’t. I have to take a breath. IT’S TOO STRESSFUL TO THINK ABOUT!

Still, his near perfection is really just experience and opportunity intersecting. He’s been easy to train. He’s a really mellow puppy. We can take him places, like outdoor restaurant areas and the like and he’s definitely more behaved than Gromit at four months old. My own limited dog experience being what it was at 23. Gromit was mellow. He wasn’t that mellow.

And it’s hard not to compare. Compare what I miss about a dog that has been dead for almost five years? If there is one thing that I can honestly say about Winston that I didn’t get with Gromit: cuddling. Every morning, I get up to pee. During my morning dam release, Mia puts her paws on my knees for her morning loving session. Once downstairs, Winston patiently waits for me to get my coffee and vitamins, so that I can sit down on the floor for him to climb in my lap. Gromit hated hugs with all fiber of his being.

But even if Gromit had loved hugs, he topped out at 65 pounds. Winston is going to top out at about 80-85.


I’m don’t even post a lot of what’s going on in my life on facebook. Life hasn’t been great. It hasn’t sucked. I am human, doing human things that we do. So sometimes it’s great. Sometimes it’s not. I’m only doing the best I can at adulting

I also can’t wait for the next society after ours to find out how we evolved our language,  from only not being grammatically snooty enough to stop it being socially OK to make a noun into a verb. But you will get shot if you can’t appropriately use their, there and they’re. Never change, internet.

Anyway, I’m not sure how often I’ll post here, or if I ever will again. Perhaps I’ll just make this a dog blog.  Which, I suck at actual self promotion, but not dog promotion. You can follow his adventures on his instagram account. NEVER CHANGE, INTERNET. If you are looking for me, you can find me with a dog sitting in my lap. ??




kelley @ magnetoboldtoo May 5, 2017 at 4:37 am

well looky, you are in my feedreader…
I am so 2009.

And you better use the correct there/their/they’re or I shall hunt you down and kick your dog and then instagram the shit out of it.

statia May 5, 2017 at 3:55 pm

Wow! There’s STILL ONE! But in all seriousness, I FUCKING AGREE! I can’t stand it either.

And yet, I verb a lot of shit.

Jennifer May 8, 2017 at 2:40 pm

Holy moly. I was so happy to see you back in my feed. My own blog has been at death’s door on and off for about five years, so it’s always nice to see new words from a blogger fondly remembered. I’m sorry about Gromit. But I do love Winston’s look. And if it’s any consolation, our rescue lab Jake is 130 pounds of puppy love.

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