Pass me the barf bag

by statia on December 10, 2012

Here it comes… the all encompassing mental vomit update. Which is kind of how things are going these days.

I know that I haven’t updated my home decor blog for awhile. I want to. I’ve kind of hit the ground running on projects, but in a more organized way.  The way my mind works, is that usually, I’ll start one project, and come to a halt on it due to external factors, and not be able to stand not doing something and wanting to do ALL.THE.THINGS! My brain, yo, it gets tiring being me. I just repainted my family room last year, and I already have an itch to redo the color scheme.

For the past couple of years, I’ve struggled as to what to do with our “formal” living room and dining room. I’m not sure if you’ve met me, but I’m not formal. I like things to look nice and visual, but as for formal, no. Give me a pair of jeans, a nice top and a nice pair of shoes, and I’m happy.  As long as I’m comfortable. Dressing up should not be torturous.

When we moved in, I got a few highly uncomfortable, but economical Ikea Ektorp pieces. Because I couldn’t justify spending a ton of money on a room that we never bothered to purchase lamps for. Over the years I’ve changed my mind about that stupid useless room about a thousand times. An office. A library. Turning the whole long living room slash dining room into a family room and opening up our current family room to be the entertaining space dining area off the kitchen. I was told this would be a bad resale idea (funny since I’ll be dragged out of this house feet first, because fuck moving).

Because I’m an indecisive type when it comes to less important decisions, it became a crap room. Mostly empty, but stuff that was getting donated and freecycled ended up here. I mean, it’s right by the front door. I’m nothing if practical. But the more I thought of it, the more it made sense to give the kids their own space. My criteria was this: It had to be on the main floor (because we have a fully functional finished basement, but the Meester’s office is down there and when kids come over, tuning them out becomes a bit difficult). The basement space is too big anyway. More space = more toys and more space for them to throw all of the toys. Also, they’re still at the ages where they want to know an adult is close by. Also, at some point, the goal is to make the basement our adult retreat again. With a bar, and a larger screen TV. Where we can watch movies without worrying about waking angelic sleeping babies. Our living room is big enough for them to spread out, but small enough to keep stuff contained. And if I want to watch TV in the family room and the toys don’t get cleaned up, I’m not worried that I will end up with a lego floating around in my blood stream.

Usually I will throw together ideas in my head and mentally file them away. But this was keeping me up at night. I downloaded this ridiculously easy to use app for the ipad: Adobe Collage. Worth every red cent of the ten bucks I spend on it. I love that I can take it with me anywhere and work on ideas.  I’ve always loved mood boards, but I’m never in front of a computer long enough to put something together. I started putting the ideas together for their play space, and viola!

My goal was to try and spend as little money as possible, while still trying to make it not look like some sort of Little Tikes plastic monstrosity day care center.  The room is already painted (Weimaraner is a little more of a gray color, since well, duh. Also, the color code is AF-155 in case you dig it, you can go into your local Ben store and be all smarty pants). Also, isn’t the goal always to try to spend as little money as possible? Does anyone ever say “I want to design a room and I want to spend as much money as I possibly can!” I found a cool table on the more contemporary side where the top swivels to expose a little storage space. It was half off at the thrift store (bringing the total down to $13.50. I plan on making it look more mid century looking by replacing the legs with some that I found on craigslist ($20). The rug I found on rugs usa during their %75 off sale, so essentially an 8×10 rug for $170. We already have the pottery barn chairs, so Ill just change out the covers. An old four drawer Pottery Barn “apothecary” type end table that we’ve had for years, can be repainted for more storage (and when you work at a paint store, you have tons of paint already on hand. Slight addiction). Ikea and their crazy cheap ready to be hemmed curtain panels make putting up some sort of window treatment less than a mortgage payment. And preschool chairs give the room some character but providing functionality and durability at a reasonable price.  I thought about pouf ottomans, but they’re crazy expensive, and that small child that I have, likes to destroy everything. There isn’t a marker in this house that hasn’t met my furniture (inadvertently). Because I plan on painting the top of the table white and a teal/navy (Deep Ocean, which is a color left over from the Mini’s room redo), I decided on bamboo shades to bring an element of nature into the room (every room needs a natural element to it) in a sea of plastic and action figures. And bamboo shades are inexpensive.

So far the total is:

Rug $170

Table -$35 (for both table and legs)

Window treatments$170-200 (still considerably less than most options I’ve explored)

Chair covers $65

Preschool chairs: $40

Things like paint and supplies are things I already have on hand.

Bringing the total to just a shade over $500. Not exactly thrifty, but given what I’m working with (no area rugs or window treatments being the big factor), I find this to be great. Rugs and curtains are a racket, and I feel like I’ve done well here.

My next project will be redoing my “murder dresser.” Which is a story I’m saving for next time. I know how to keep all three of you in suspense.


Shanna December 17, 2012 at 9:37 am

You can make those poof ottoman things. Or if you give me free reign I have been meaning to give them a try and see what you think. Just trying to think of what to stuff them with. Let me know if you are up for my creativity.

statia December 18, 2012 at 10:58 pm

I totally looked at them and was like “I can make that.” Probably not with any sort of piping, and the inside would be a hot mess, but in the end, the chairs are a better deal, AND, it boils down to time. I’ve got three projects that are in the queue (actually more like three hundred, but immediate projects = 3) and I’m now at the point where it’s not even the cost savings standpoint. It’s also how much is my time worth?

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