I wonder if there’s a color called infected snot

by statia on September 25, 2012

You guys, it’s that time of the year again. It’s really no wonder I hate the change of seasons into fall and winter. I remember how hyped I was when there was a crisp chill in the air. But now? It means I have to listen to my daughter cough uncontrollably once a month. It means I have to hear the loud buzzing of the nebulizer. I probably won’t even bother to take it off my nightstand until next spring.

And now we all have some variation of what she has, with her as the clear winner (loser? I mean, she has it the worst, so I’m guessing loser, but in the pain olympics, she is the winner). I have to admit, when she didn’t get sick in the first two weeks of school, I began to get a little giddy, nay COCKY. “Maybe we’re in the clear. Maybe she’s finally grown out of i…” BAM! “Oh nevermind.” But on the upside, she’s now old enough to appreciate her sexy frog voice.

Moving on, though. You guys know how much I love a good home project. True to my word, I didn’t really do anything this summer. A few things not finished over the summer. Nothing really worth mentioning. But now we have a running list, and a firm deal that we don’t move onto the next project until one is finished. This proving extremely difficult for me, but I’m learning to walk away from starting something new. Our basement is currently in the process of being cleaned and painted. A month long project (part of which included the Meester’s office, which is nearly done), I’m just about ready to start painting and dudes, WALLPAPER. I spent five, almost six years trying to eliminate the last remnants of paper off of the walls, and here I go, being stupid. But it’s one wall, grass cloth. In the basement. Our plans are to make it a bar, recreational area. A place where toys will not be welcome. I laugh when I say this, because toys are in every single corner of our house. It makes me crazy.

And I’m not sure if I ever mentioned (along with a lot of things, like LG’s results of her eval with our OT, but a deal is a deal, I can’t be mixing subjects, even though I already did, talking about illnesses and home projects. Sorry), but my love of paint caused me to fall into a part time job at my local paint store. It’s come in very handy, for a major paint snob like myself. My favorite paint doesn’t come cheap, so it’s nice to get the discount. And while I swore I would never work in retail again, I am in love with working there. Mixing the paint, mingling with people who don’t say poop eight million times a day (I draw the line at six million). I’ve always loved color. I loved rainbows and unicorns when they weren’t ironic, like bacon. Looking at a rainbow wall of color all day is like eating chocolate without calories.

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Faith September 26, 2012 at 3:44 pm

I love our grasscloth wallpaper we’ve got in our house, so I fully approve of that plan.

And cool news about the job at the paint store!

I hope everyone is feeling better soon. I’m down for the count with some random virus right now (i.e. The Plague. I’m pretty sure it’s the plague…), so while I can’t feel your pain exactly, I’m feeling it sort of. Being unhealthy in any way is just ridiculously sucky. :(

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