Making Memories

by statia on August 29, 2012

With the Mini’s language starting so rote, It took us what seemed like forever to have pragmatic conversation.  Old habits die hard however, and he sometimes reverts to echolalia when he’s processing something we’ve told him.  It gives his brain that extra few seconds to hear what we’ve said, and repeating it cements the words, so that he can answer appropriately.  Obviously, throw in the fact that he’s a five year-old boy. They don’t have the best attention span to begin with.

Our bedtime ritual has been pretty consistent since birth.  Bath, quiet time, stories, and then we lay with each of them.  Taking turns.  I love it, but it gets really old, because it takes us a good hour for bed time, and now there’s “can I have a glass of water?” and other such tactics to stall the process.  Normal normal normal.

Every night, the Mini will ask me the same thing.  ”So, what did ya do today?” A rote phrase that I’ve tried to redirect and get him to ask other things.  Sometimes he’ll ask a few times, and I get a little annoyed.  I’m not proud of that. Now, however, it’s become “our thing.”  A running joke. Now we laugh about it, and scramble to get to bed first so we can beat the other one at asking.  And you can’t ask until you’re laying in bed.  It’s the rules.  We’re like Jack in Mr. Mom, during the boss’s race.  Tripping each other. Grabbing shirts.  I’ve even done a full on fly through the air to land on the bed first….”SO WHAT DIIIIIID YOUUUUUUUUUU DOOOOOOO TODAAAAyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?” And then we erupt into fits of laughter.  I love these silly little things that I can look back on and remember.  I do it often with each stage.

Last night, he woke up after I had gotten back from a girls night out.  For whatever reason, peeing in our bathroom was easier than going the one door over to their bathroom.  He asked me to lay with him, half asleep.  I follow him back to his room, and as he climbs into bed, he laughs and say softly “So, what did ya do today.”  And we laughed and then he fell back to sleep.

He was super proud of himself this morning for pulling one over on me.


Shelly August 29, 2012 at 3:31 pm

Ooooh, that is so very sweet.

Tommie August 30, 2012 at 1:30 pm

I love this. Routines, inside jokes, being able to sneak one past your mom, all awesome things.

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