Doing the potty dance.

by statia on November 17, 2011

LG is now two and a half, and we’re all ready for her to “do some potty learnin’.”  This isn’t my first rodeo with potty training, obviously, having an almost five year old, because that would be AWKWAAAAAAAAARD.  With the Mini, we did the Three Day Potty training method.  They say that boys are notoriously hard to potty train, and I disagree.  I say NAY NAY!  In retrospect, he was actually pretty easy to train.  Sure there were accidents.  Sure it took him a good three or four months to be fully trained (and by fully trained, I mean, totally giving in to the fact that there were really no more diapers, and it was time to get serious about not pissing your pants, or hiding in a corner to shit yourself when no one is looking. He got it, and for the most part trained in a day or two, but let’s face it, three-year-olds have accidents).

The BFF makes a good point, in that you learn a lot about your kid when you potty train them.  This is true, and when I look back on training the Mini, I realized that the way we went about starting the three day method (ambushing him by removing his diaper in his half stupor, and putting underwear on him and saying “THAT’S IT FOR DIAPERS, KID,” wasn’t exactly the best way to go about it.  The Mini, is a pleaser, and loves applause and cheering for him.  He loves that confidence boost.  He’s also not a kid that really is into bribes, nor did he like me following him from room to room.

LG is a whole different egg.  She doesn’t really like the cheering and attention drawn to her in grandiose gestures.  I tried my hand at potty training her not long after she turned two, which I probably could have done it, but I just wasn’t ready to deal with it, and the thing with potty training is that YOU have to be ready and dedicated to the cause.  However, with her, my approach is pretty much, you’re wearing underwear, and I’m not going to follow you around like puppy dog.  I don’t care if you shit yourself, I don’t care if you piss on the floor (we’re replacing the carpets with hardwoods soon anyway), you’re going to have to learn that there are no more diapers.  She’s ready.  She asks for underwear, she asks for us to change her diaper.  She tells us when she “poops” (every bodily excretion is poop to her) She removes her diaper in the morning when she wakes up.  Now it’s just a matter of her learning to pay attention to herself when she has to go, and make it to the toilet on time.

I promised myself I wouldn’t get worked up.  I’m not going to get upset.  Or react to her accidents, with frustration.  I’m telling you this because I know it’s not going to be easy.   She tests my patience to the extreme, so this, this is going to be really hard.

Thankfully, I have a LOT of klonopin.  And beer.


jesser November 17, 2011 at 10:23 am

GOOD LUCK! I will be anxious to hear how it goes. We tried with Ben a few months back but it did NOT take – see it was me who was ready not him (he even still isn’t showing LG’s signs of readiness). I want to try again after the new year when my head stops spinning for a while and hopefully he’s staying dry overnight (or at least not waking up SOAKED). Hope you can achieve Nirvana (i.e. no diapers). Cheers!

Tracy November 17, 2011 at 11:53 am

We’re in the process as well. I haven’t given it a timeline, but Chloe IS progressing pretty well. There’s no way she’s ready overnight, but she’s doing well during the day. Partly to thank is the “Potty Watch” my mother bought her (buying panties, didn’t do it, candy didn’t do it, the stupid friggin’ watch did). It goes off every 30-60-90 minutes depending on how you have it set, with flashing lights and songs, and just makes her think to go sit on the potty. The first day it was majorly annoying. Now, she’s actually asks to go aside from just when it goes off. Progress. I am so tired of the songs it plays, though. bleh.

Tracy November 17, 2011 at 4:46 pm
river November 17, 2011 at 11:13 pm

Be super vigilant and see if you can pinpoint anything she does just before a wee or a poo. Any little hip wriggle or dance from toe to toe to indicate that she is trying not to wee for instance, or getting ready to wee. Sitting or standing very still suddenly might indicate a poo is on the way. Once you know her signals it’s much easier to suggest that she go to the toilet when you see her acting in such a manner.
The most important thing is that the child recognises the feeling of needing to wee or poo. Without this, you’re fighting against nature and probably need to wait a few months.
Try keeping the child with you 24/7 or as much as possible, and announcing out loud when YOU have to go and let the child see you going to the toilet room, sitting, using the paper, flushing. That way, at least there is an awareness of what is happening and you can mention that soon he/she will be a big person too and use the toilet. Kids love to copy their parents.

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