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by statia on October 19, 2011

Yeah, I won’t scar you anymore with talk about Frankengina.  I’m six weeks post surgery, and I go for my follow-up on Friday.  I feel great, have no regrets, and I’m just happy to be back to my regular self and up and about.  I was really looking forward to the downtime, which lasted about a whole week (a record!).

So, let’s see, um, yeah.  Much to the hubs chagrin, we’ve been up to our necks in home remodeling.  We went from our family room being like this to a not quite finished bedroom, which I’m guessing you can figure out who it will belong to:??

First, I apologize for the shitty cell phone picture, but seriously, come on now.  Hello 4S, with your EIGHT megapixel camera and you still can’t take a picture doesn’t look like it doesn’t belong on some stalker website?  Anyway.

See, the problem with having that lovely two story family room, is that two of the rooms were sandwiched up there and this isn’t 1864, where the Wilder girls had to share a bed in a loft.  LG’s room was so small, and the smallness wasn’t the big issue, it was that it was an oven in there, whereas her brother had an decent sized ice box at the end of the hall.  She’s a hot sleeper. Eventually she’ll want more room, and we never wanted that open space.  All winter long we play find the shady spot on the sofa.  No longer an issue, my friend.  LG has a decent sized room that she won’t sweat herself in, we aren’t burning our retinas out.  The only one who loses is the Mini, because he can’t spy on us from the half wall, a point he made us very well aware of.   Well then, dude, here’s an idea for you then, STOP SPYING.  We need to have our swearing time.

Of course, being my daughter, she wanted the room pink AND purple (of course she did, at $65 for a can of paint, asshole) and unicorns.   I’m working on a mural some other things twirly and all that.   I think if I could have found a way to put a dress on her room, she would have made me do that.   We also chose a carbonized fiber bamboo (stronger than stranded, like holy hell, hulk smash strong) that was easy to install.  Click and lock.  We want to go hardwoods throughout, and we definitely are in love with these floors.

So now I’m painting my whole house because all of the walls connected somehow, making it so that you had to paint EVERYTHING.

Oh, and then there’s this little issue I’m dealing with:

What is up with this bitch?  Just start calling me Alfalfa.   The good thing is, I’ve had my hair back for the past six weeks, now mainly to cover that embarrassment up, oh and also, fucking painting.

And so, yeah, LG ended up with the Croup, so that’s awesome.  She’s totally digging her scratchy Phoebe smelly cat voice, because she refuses to stop talking.  Ever.

Smelly caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat smelly caaaaaaaaaaaaaaat, it’s not your fauuuuuuuult!


Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo October 20, 2011 at 2:21 am

Damn you I will be singing that all night now.

And I am totally styling my hair like that. It will become a thing. Like TOTALLY.

statia October 20, 2011 at 6:06 pm

Dude. I feel like Cameron Diaz in There’s Something About Mary. I’m over this asshole chunk of hair.

river October 20, 2011 at 4:51 am

That room is so pink it’s almost purple! You can probably get stick on wall decorations in unicorn and swirly rainbow designs. Check at wallpaper shops.
Nice hairdo. Notice how the first grey one is wiry, more so than regular hair? So it will stick up of course, so everyone will notice it! (As more grey ones appear they become softer and just sit in with the rest of the hair).

jen October 25, 2011 at 6:56 pm

LOVE those floors. The bedrooms in our new abode are SMALL. But, it was a trade-off. We LOVE the area. We are in a place that has a much slower pace of life, and well, we loved the house. So we deal. Our bedroom though? Oven. Gah. Ah well… *shrugs*

Edith October 28, 2011 at 8:37 pm

You are hilarious! What really happened with your hair? I think it’ll be fine so do not stress out about it. Just take some vitamins, preferably Prenatals.

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