What I did on my summer “vacation.”

by statia on June 27, 2011

Since moving out on my own, I’ve always liked home decorating.   Of course, my style of home decorating at 21 was pretty much whitewash and a brand new aqua overstuffed sofa, that barely fit into my first apartment (complete with rust multicolored carpet). But I was always in love with making my space my own.

I never expected it to turn into a full blown love of DIY and hours upon hours of not only research of ideas for projects but execution of said projects.   In the last two months, I have been a maniac.   It’s a compulsion, an obsession.   I often have more than one project going at a time.   And I’d like to think that I’ve developed a pretty decent eye.   I have creative vision.   I feel a sense of accomplishment.

We had been discussing redoing our master bedroom.  It was fine when we moved in, but was never my favorite, nor did it ever feel like home to me.  It was kind of this mess of colonial meets wanna be pottery barn, but it was a neutral color, and there were other pressing things.   This was our bedroom before:

Keep in mind this is the WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY before.  This is the picture of the bedroom when the previous owners lived there.   Because yeah, that wallpaper?   No.  Just no.   And I’m not sure what kind of look they were going for, by breaking up the room with the wallpaper in the hallway.   The worst thing about this room, is the molding.  It’s not even that it’s ugly, because it’s not horrible, a little high maybe, but their evil little secret about that molding is that each individual piece is glued to the wall.  A fact I did not find out until we tried to remove it.

As you can see, Mia is not impressed with any of our paint choices, or the fact that this was pretty much our only option:

Which was pretty much what the entire room looked like at one point.   We also had a textured ceiling.   So between removing that, and sanding endless amounts of joint compound, I spent a lot of time looking like this:

No doctor, I refuse to scrub in, on the account that I will be electrocuted.”

Also, yes, that is my bed in my bathroom,  which is one of the only places it seemed to be spared from (much) dust.

After what seemed like a month, we finally started making progress, and now have a space that I finally feel at home in:

We chose Trout Grey by Benjamin Moore for the accent wall, and Livid Violet (or living violet, or dying violet, or maybe it was just all out majorly pissed off violet. I don’t remember), which is a Valspar color, however, if there’s any advice or rather, opinion I will open my big fat mouth is about, it’s paint.   I’m a paint snob, and Benjamin Moore is far superior (so we had Benjamin Moore match the Valspar paint sample, is what I’m saying).   You will pay sixty bucks for a single can of paint, but it has built in primer (both Aura and Regal, we chose Aura, and I will never use anything again), and that dark grey went on in one coat, save for two small patches that required touch up.   Paint brand definitely matters.

The chandeliers were from overstock and were rather inexpensive, but I love the focal point it gives the room.   The wall sconce is called the Tuxedo wall sconce.   All of the artwork, save for the photos, are by Tara McPherson.  The cornice I made myself, and I’m not sure if I want to add some sheers to hang on the sides.   I’m still finding little small touches to add.

And then there was an unintentional side project, that just sort of happened.   Both of my kids are at camp, and I decided that since my closet became the black hole for everything during the renovation, it was in major need of a cleaning.   The next thing I know, my closet looked like this:

I actually stole the pink closet idea from here.  And I was all, who the fuck paints their closet pink?  What a stupid idea (no, I wasn’t).   And I basically decided that I HAD to paint my closet hot pink.   And I feel all… happy inside.

And there’s more, but this bitch has gotten long enough, so I save the rest of my “are you on meth?” projects for another day. Because seriously, I can’t stop.


Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo June 28, 2011 at 3:10 am

Moo’s closet is pink.

And then we gutted it and she turned it into an office.

A BRIGHT PINK office. It was awesome. Albeit a little distracting.

Too’s closet is red.

Yo-yo Mama June 28, 2011 at 8:53 am

So. THIS is where the magic happens.

I love the bedside lamps! At first I wondered what D thought of the pink closet but I see you have his/her closets so he probably doesn’t give a hoot. It all looks awesome.

Shelly June 28, 2011 at 11:50 am

Dude. Your closet is awesome. It never would have occurred to me to paint my closet a fun funky color, but why the hell not? Who says your closet can’t be fun? Except I share mine with the husband and there is no way he’s going for pink. I can pink out the kids’ closet though. FUN!

Also, you are ravishing as scrub nurse. Just sayin’.

Miss you, asshole.

PaintingChef June 28, 2011 at 12:35 pm

DROOL. That is all I can even come up with. I’m IN LOVE with the hot pink closet. And the chandeliers. And the paint colors. (But I can’t lie… I also kind of loved the wainscoting…)

And you are NOT WRONG about paint. Good paint people. You won’t regret it.

Siera June 28, 2011 at 11:30 pm

That is one sexy room!

Tommie June 29, 2011 at 12:13 pm

LOVE the new room. Beautiful colors, awesome cohesiveness. Just…wow. I’m so jealous. But I’m definitely taking your advice about the Benjamin Moore paint to heart (you gave me this advice a month ago when I was bitching about painting my stupid bathroom, thanks again for that :-)

I’m SO going to let my daughters pick their favorite, bright colors and paint their closets. What an awesome idea.

PiquantMolly June 29, 2011 at 3:38 pm

I want your pink closet.

Melinda July 12, 2011 at 2:42 pm

I soooo love your room!! And the pink closet is gorgeous!!

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