Mama, I just a DIVA!

by statia on May 24, 2011

My daughter, my last baby, turned two last week.   Time has gone so fast, I can’t even comprehend it.  It’s like, time travel.  And time travel causes heartache.

I should have known the moment she was born, that she was going to be high maintenance.   She refused to sleep unless it was in someone’s (usually mine) arms.   She somehow managed to sucker us into letting her sleep in our bed for the first six months, and then when she got too roll-y and chatty, she made it a point to make sure that I went in there at least once a night to snuggle with her.

And to this day, “nuggling,” is still one of her favorite things.   And if she doesn’t get her way, all fucking hell breaks loose.

She talks.  Oh my lands, she TALKS A LOT.  And I have no idea where she gets that from.   But seriously, the two of them are a constant stream of chatter, and I worry a lot less with her, but there are times where I have to say “for the love of God, can you two please just stop talking for five minutes?”

Listening is not one of her strong suits.   She does things when the idea is hers, or if she’s made to do something, she makes it a point to make it extremely painful for you.   Which means, if you tell her to go upstairs, you might as well go start digging your grave, because it’s going to take a long time.   My mother doesn’t even bother to hide the laughter anymore.

Unlike her brother, she’s climbing out of her crib.  Not consistently, but this means transitioning to a bed is imminent, and not only does this break my heart, but I am dreading the transition, because of that whole listening thing.   And I’m telling you, that velcro I’m putting on her sheets is going to make her PISSED!

But for all of the hell she gives me, she makes up for it, by her affection, and the award winning smile she flashes.

I know that I can’t do her justice by posting some sappy shit, and honestly, I suck these days.   My life has become one home project after another, and I have pictures on the horizon of my fabulous new, almost finished bedroom.  I wish I could dig up something witty to say, but I usually think about that shit while I’m driving.

Next time, I’ll just start writing while I’m on Ambien.


jesser May 24, 2011 at 10:53 pm

Oh yea … she’s got all the symptoms of being TWO. I know b/c I have the male version of her at my house. Hissy fits, tons of chatter, listening PROBLEMS. But the snuggling thing is pretty damn awesome.

Tommie May 25, 2011 at 11:37 am

Ohh, two is such a lovely age, isn’t it? I wondered from the time my older daughter turned two until she was six if THIS would the be age when I actually liked her again. Okay, I sort of kid. But those four years? They were tough. But now, she’s eight and all kinds of awesome. Of course, her little sister is four and so sort of a shit but…there you have it.

Home projects, how I loathe them. It took me three months to paint our bathroom. THREE MONTHS!! Because I had to prime the hell out of the sponge paint the previous owners chose to put BEHIND the toilet. Then, after priming? I STILL had to put two coats of paint on the walls to cover the stupid sponge paint.

And? Rant over…yikes, talk about hijacking someone’s post. Sorry about that.

Fawn June 1, 2011 at 2:41 pm

Yeah I think you may have the female version of my son…the destruction and the constant talking..I was told boys don’t talk as early or as often..especially if they have an older sister..the people who said that were evil and had their heads up their asses,obviously. My son started talking before he turned one and six years later he hasn’t taken a breath. I have a no “shut up” policy in my home that has gone straight out the quiet and shhhhhh NEVER works! He’s persistant and everything has to be his idea. Anytime I’ve ever asked him to pick up a toy it’s like the end of the world ” mommmm, it’s your job to make me happy, this doesn’t make me happy” When he was 3 I would trick him by saying hmmm someone might trip on that truck and hurt themselves I wonder what a person could do to keep that from happening…” then he would pick it up. He’s super sweet and affectionate so he didn’t want anyone to fall haha

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