It’s a small world after all

by statia on April 29, 2011

I just wanted to be the bitch to put that song into your head.

So the the trip to Disney.

I mentioned previously that we drove down, and since we left at 7PM, it wasn’t horrible.  They were like, “WE GET TO WATCH UNLIMITED MOVIES?”  This totally backfired on my ass, because had I not eventually turned off the DVD player, the spirals in their eyes would have permanently stayed that way, because neither of them was falling asleep.   After pulling the plug on the DVD player, no longer wanting to listen to the mash-up of catchy kid’s songs, they drifted off while I played “funny birds” (What LG has named Angry Birds (which also, I am a giant loser addict of this game), and read A LOT of books on my kindle.   Our intent was to split the driving, but Doug decided that vyvanse and coffee were the way to go.

LG had a hard time sleeping (see previous entry RE: pink eye).  But the Mini passed out for the long haul.   Once we arrived, we decided to keep it tame and head to Downtown Disney for dinner and call it an early night.

I won’t bore you with the details of every single move we made, but both kids, while overwhelmed and consistently tired, held up like champs.  They often rallied (which is code in our house for hanging in there with no nap), and surprisingly they were pretty into just about everything.   We skipped Animal Kingdom, mostly because of the Mini’s fear of child eating tigers, but also because there really isn’t much for kids that age to do there.  Instead, we decided to spend two days at the Magic Kingdom, along with a day at Hollywood Studios and a day at Epcot.  My sensory seeking son, LOVED Test Track the best, but sadly, he was only able to get on once.  Despite him being of adequate height, they turned him down the second time, because they are fucking sadistic child hating assholes.   At least that’s my theory.   Tower of Terror, on the other hand, he had no problem getting on.   Yes, that’s right, he went on Tower of Terror, which he was very indifferent to.   He didn’t cry, yet, he didn’t beg to go on again.

I know that neither of them will probably remember much of the trip, and we will go back, but next time we will definitely be flying.   We drove, mainly because we needed a larger stroller, a pack an play (which is of no use to us anymore, now that LG can climb out of it) along with an entire bag of various medicines, and toiletries.  Not to mention lovies, pillows, 67 pill boxes, and toys.

Next time, I’ll put both of them on leashes, and then tape skateboards to their asses.


Veronica April 29, 2011 at 9:50 pm

WHY have I never thought of taping skateboards to my kids? GENIUS.

Shelly April 30, 2011 at 9:54 pm

You are such an asshole. I can’t believe you got that song stuck in my head. Bitch!

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