Neighborhood drama. Or, I didn’t realize I was back in high school.

by statia on June 1, 2010

We’ve toyed with the idea of either staying in this house and just making the necessary adjustments to make it more livable, like closing off the open space that is the two story family room, and making a bedroom, and redoing the kitchen so that I no longer have to call it my stupid kitchen.   Or, possibly finding another house with a better layout.  Personally, the thought of ever having to move again just makes me exhausted.  In the last 13 years, I’ve moved 8 times, two of those times being cross country moves.  I just don’t want to do it again, but yet, I don’t really feel settled in this house.  And a large part of that is just that we haven’t totally made it our own.  The layout isn’t ideal, but with a little remodeling, it would be fine.

I love the amount of space we have.  I don’t want a bigger house.  God knows I can barely keep this one clean.  A bigger house would be a McMansion and I don’t need a McMansion.  I don’t need a bedroom I can run laps in.  We have a king sized bed.  It fits in our room nicely with plenty of space left over for our furniture.     I love that we have no one behind us.  It’s very quiet, save for the occasional wild animal being brutally murdered by another wild animal.  I could live without the screams and the mental images of that.  We have a huge yard for the kids to play.   We have a finished basement that will be perfect for the kids toys once they’re both old enough to go up and down the stairs without assistance.   It has just the right amount of space for us.

The neighborhood isn’t that bad either.  Our neighbors, for the most part keep to themselves.  Occasionally, we’ll speak to our neighbors across the street.  The usual chit chat, weather, how hot it gets on the second floor, where do you take your dog for boarding.  The light hearted conversation.  Other neighbors come and bail us out during snow storms.   Then there are those bitchy and cliquey neighbors.  And we have our fair share of them.   And no matter what subdivision we live in, we’re going to have them.  Unless of course, you’re my step mother in law, who makes friends with EVERYONE within a 25 mile radius of her.   She’s just that type of person.

I try not to talk about my bitchy neighbors, in case they happen to stumble across this blog, lest I make myself seem way more popular than I really am, but stranger things have happened.  I know people who know some of these people.  But I’m over it.  They already aren’t fond of us for stupid reasons.

Last year sometime, the Meester was chopping down these rather large pine trees that lined either side of our backyard.  Our landscaper recommended that we either thin them out by chopping some down, or we get rid of them entirely, if we were looking to reduce our wasp population.  Given that the Meester is deathly allergic, he went out there to get rid of them.  Our next door neighbor came out onto her deck and said “oh, that’s sad. I’m a tree hugger.”   The Meester made a comment to her, and not entirely rudely.  At least not nearly as rude and as flippant as he has the tendency to be, she made a face and walked back inside.   My comment, when I heard what she had said was that she needs to get a grip, because she drives a Lexus SUV.  Not exactly a hippie.  More like a hippiecrit.  HAHAHAHA.  GET IT?   *groan*

Ever since then, she refuses to even so much as look in our general direction.  And they also planted pine trees along their property line and they look stupid.  They’re not even lined up or spaced properly.  So there, lady.  Your yard looks stupid.

Then there’s a family that lives two doors down from us.  They have four kids.  She’s fickle.  Sometimes she’ll stop and talk, and other times she will walk right by me as if I didn’t exist.  I don’t have time for this sort of attitude or behavior.  At the pool yesterday, she made a point of walking out of her way to avoid the Meester,  so that she didn’t have to say hi.   To her I say,  watch your fucking kids at the pool instead of letting them run around cutting in front of other kids in line at the slide.   Asshole.



Veronica June 2, 2010 at 2:58 am



We’ve got one neighbour next door and another about 200m away. I think the one further away is def a drug dealer. Visits all hours of the day and night and they only stay 5 minutes? Drugs.

Anyway. My house pisses me off, but it doesn’t need a huge amount of work to make me happy. Another bedroom would be nice and the kitchen redesigned a little and I’d be happy.

Doug June 2, 2010 at 6:00 am

I still cannot blame her for going out of her way to not talk to me. I am sure I was the favorite at the Y with all of my colorful “Devil” tattoos. I am sure she was worried people would talk if they saw her talking to me.

Shelly June 2, 2010 at 7:25 am

Hippiecrit? I love it!

Beth June 2, 2010 at 2:15 pm

We only just moved into our house, and already our neighbors hate us. Or, more likely, just don’t understand us and have therefore closed ranks. It’s such as small town we live in, too, that as much as I love our house and think it perfect for us, I’m already plotting our next move in the next 7 or 8 years just to ditch them all.

Also? hippicrite is my newest favorite word.

Aunt Becky June 2, 2010 at 3:29 pm

My neighbors are mostly awesome, except these people who hate my dog. Their granddaughter plays with my son, but the lady is a total ASSBAG to me. Like TOTAL assbag. I won’t let the kid in my house because her grandma is such an asshole to me.

I mean, this lady chewed me out because my dog escaped and, at 8 months pregnant, carrying my toddler, gimping around in the neighborhood with my walking cast on, with 8 other people trying to catch him, “we have leash laws, you know.”

Like, “YEAH, I KNOW” but what did it look like I was doing? THUMBING MY BUTTHOLE?

Fuck her. I just wish her granddaughter didn’t play with my kid.

Mrs.Mayhem June 4, 2010 at 8:34 am

Rude neighbors suck. Love “hippiecrit.” Though, I have a Yukon XL to haul my four kids, so maybe I’m a hippiecrit too. Oh well.

Wombat Central June 5, 2010 at 12:22 pm

Giggled (and possibly snorted) at “hippiecrit.”

I have said the same thing in this neighborhood about being back in high school. Incredible. And we all thought those days were behind us forever! :P

Kelley @ Magnetoboldtoo June 6, 2010 at 12:58 am

Your neighbours need to meet MY neighbours and then they would recommend you for a freaking knighthood.

If such thing existed in the US.

It would still be awesome.

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