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by statia on April 1, 2010

LG is fast approaching 11 months and then that whole one year mark and then I die from old lady lonliness, because next week, my kids are going to move out and life their own life, leaving me with an aching uterus and a plate full of meat that I’ll cut up,  you know, just in case.

She’s FINALLY better after a month and a half of having an ear infection and being on countless different antibiotics No wait, now we have a fever.  Poor kid cannot get a break.   Some of you mentioned taking her to a chiropractor, which was funny that you mentioned that, because I actually already had a chiropractor appointment and had been doing some research on how it had helped kids with chronic ear infections, and I figured, what the hell?  My chiropractor is awesome and by the next day, like magic, she no longer had a runny nose, and while she screamed in total Taurean dramatic fashion while getting her “massage”, she has improved to the point of damn near having a conversation with me about War and Peace.  She’s that brilliant, people.   I had worried that she was so clogged, she was having a bit of a difficult time hearing us, but the next day, she seemed to add more words to her ever growing list.   Last week, I counted 9-10 words, and this week, she’s added a few more to her list, which is insane for her age, but I chalk it up to the fact that she is not only a girl, but my daughter and extremely sociable, and chatty.  So, it stands to reason that she would be an early talker.  Even before she could use words, she was always squawking and letting us know her needs any way she possibly could.  Her favorite words are “doggy,” (doddy) “ball,” (bah), and teddy (which sounds suspiciously like doggy and also dolly, but whatever, she knows what she’s talking about).   This is just so foreign to me, after having a kid who has communication issues.  She clearly has no problems communicating.  Anything. Ever.

Because of this, I think she’s going to walk later than the Mini, who was pretty much just about walking by now, which is fine, but really, I’m ready for it now.  Summer is coming and I don’t want her to be just walking and so unsteady that my asshole will remain firmly lodged in my esophagus all season long.   I hate the beginnings of mobility.  It does nothing for my paranoia.

I may have to take up another vice just to handle it.


geohde April 1, 2010 at 9:57 pm

One of my twins walked early, but she also was quite content to fall over and collect bruises all damn day, too.

The other held onto the walls and circumnavigated the house until she was QUITE sure. No bruises.


Siera April 2, 2010 at 12:47 am

Glad LG is feeling better and the ear infection is gone.

Beth April 2, 2010 at 10:55 am

I’m just hoping my kid starts walking by the end of summer.

His favorite words right now are “black” and “kitty” used together whenever he sees our black kitty. “blah! Key!” is all I hear all. day. long. Or, “hi! key!” when he sees a cat. He only says “mama” when he’s in distress, but he’ll talk to the damn cats all day long. Kids.

Kath April 3, 2010 at 2:50 am

Dear Statia, it’s great news about the chiropractor being able to help LG. Now I hope her fever disappears completely too…

And I’m amazed at her verbal skills! Melon doesn’t say anything yet except Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii… ;)

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