Food Dreams

by statia on April 24, 2010

First, I wanted to thank everyone for their comments.  I know I’m going to be on this emotional roller coaster for the rest of my life.  I think regardless, having children is an emotional roller coaster, but with the Mini, I’ll always have great days where I think everything will be great and bad days where I’ll feel hopeless and wonder if he’ll ever be a “normal” kid someday.  It’s that not knowing that’s the hardest part.

Yesterday, I stupidly waited to the last minute to get a refill on my meds.  I had an appointment last night, so I left early and just went into my pharmacy to get a refill, since they know me by name (not that I’m there often, what with LG being on antibiotics and picking up one thing or another, it’s just that small town pharmacy feel.  Even though it’s in a grocery store, our pharmacist is just that type of person to love her job enough to get to know everyone on a first name basis).   Being the idiot that I am, or a woman with two small kids, I didn’t check the bottle to see that I didn’t have any refills, but honestly, given that I just only started a couple of months ago, and that I see my doctor regularly, I didn’t think she’d leave me high and dry until my next visit, which is 3 weeks away.   The pharmacist said she’d call and leave a message so that the doctor could call it in this morning and not leave me without meds all weekend.  So I call the pharmacy this morning.  Nothing.  I call my doctor, and leave a message.  Nothing.  The pharmacy called again.  Nothing.  I was on my way back from running errands, so the Meester called and talked to the receptionist, who also echoed my thought.  She wouldn’t leave me without a refill.  Well, she did, and she managed to not fucking call in my refill, which means I have nothing for the weekend.  Which pisses me off, and also is extremely unprofessional.    Thankfully, my pharmacist is full of the awesome and spotted me until Monday.   I mean, I’m not a danger to myself, and I don’t feel horrible, but with the nice side effect of appetite suppressant it has for me,  I happily take my blue and green every morning.    Since I ended up missing a dose yesterday, I had raging food dreams last night.  It was a full on celebrity super special variety act that included:

Alec Baldwin

Tina Fey

a very gay Steve Carrell

a very gay Roger Moore

The blonde chick from CSI Miami

and Tracy Jordan.

Clearly I watched too many episodes of 30 Rock yesterday, but I have no idea why the other two were in there.   Either way, I need not eat so much before bed, because that shit was entirely too weird.


steff April 24, 2010 at 10:23 am

Yes, it is definitely an emotional roller coaster — every time you think you have your kid figured out it all changes. You guys are resourceful, supporting and loving so whatever your kids define as their normal is absolutely perfect!

Regina April 24, 2010 at 8:43 pm

FYI – If you ever find yourself without the green and blues and you find yourself having those mini-withdrawal symptoms, like brain zaps, you can take some L-Theanine, an amino acid, to kind of tide you over. (Also very, very helpful if you ever have to go off the meds.)

I hate when doctors don’t call back.

Old School/ New School Mom April 25, 2010 at 9:12 am

Oh man! This exact situation has happened to me before and it sucks!!! That’s awesome that your pharmacist spotted you till Monday though! She rocks!

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