Milestones (or, all mommy blog, all the time)

by statia on July 30, 2009

Today was a big day in our house.  We called it, “operation big boy bed.”   The mini was all excited about getting a new big boy bed.   He couldn’t wait to get it set up.   He came home from camp to find his new mattress sitting in the hallway and all he wanted to do was go to sleep on it.

When it was all set up and it was time to go to bed?  He screamed and cried for me for an hour before he finally was exhausted and passed out.   He looks so tiny in his giant twin sized bed.   It’s heartbreaking to walk into his room and no longer see the crib there.  A piece of furniture that was painstakingly picked out.  One of my favorite things we did before he was born.  A space that he absolutely loved and would play in there for hours if you let him.  And now that chapter is closed.  The crib is going to be reassembled in his sister’s room this weekend.   I’m glad we’re getting more use out of it.  I love the furniture we picked out, and I couldn’t imagine buying another set for her.  It was another reason why I didn’t invest in a second crib for her.  Even used.

Then there’s the part of her going into her own room.  It’s time.  I’m sure she’ll end up in our bed at night, because it’s easy, but she’s such a light sleeper, that she needs to at least start out in her own space.  She needs that routine of going to bed.

She’s also started to laugh.  She’s very close to breaking out into full giggles, but for now, I get short little ones and I keep trying to recreate whatever it is I’ve done to make her laugh, because seriously, baby laughs have got to be one of the best sounds.


Jesser July 30, 2009 at 11:35 pm

Aww! Glad the transition has started. Hope it goes smoothly. I hate them crying … just breaks my heart. Ben is still in the P’n'P in our room and will be for the foreseeable future (or until we get the cash together to remodel the basement so we can kick hubby out of the third “bedroom”). Wish the little stinker would laugh! He smiles up a storm, but so far, no chuckles.

Kevin Donahue July 31, 2009 at 8:01 am

YEAH for big boy beds!

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