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by statia on April 29, 2009

Before the Mini was born, I played music for him constantly in utero.  Cheesy, yes, but it often makes me wonder if that’s why he loves music so much.   He sings constantly and has for a long time, and he doesn’t just like kids songs, but a lot of the same music that we listen to, as well, often asking us to sing the songs for him.

When we were in the hospital, during a particuarly cranky night, I started singing Over the Rainbow, the Israel Kamakawiwo’ole version, which has long been a favorite of ours, not only played for him all the time prior to his birth, but also as our wedding song.  And when I started to sing, he looked directly at me and quieted down immediately, recognizing the song.  Which isn’t uncommon in newborns, I realize.

We’re really rapidly coming to a close on our time together before this next kid comes in by storm and makes him a big brother and no longer the only child.  While I’m over being pregnant in a major way, I’m also mourning the loss of just “us.”   I feel as if it’s been a very long pregnancy and now these last weeks are speeding by like a freight train.   Yesterday as we were out doing errands, I played Over the Rainbow and the Mini looked at me with a sappy grin as he listened to the song, asking me something, while I quietly tried very hard not to lose my shit.

Of course, as I’m being sappy, that little turd is NOT NAPPING for the third day in a row.  All of a sudden, I’m feeling less sappy and a whole lot more cranky and tired.

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PiquantMolly April 29, 2009 at 3:11 pm

I love that you called him a turd. That’s a term of endearment in our house.

If the pregnancy thing ever happens ’round here, I’ve gotta invest in some of those massive headphones.

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