And so it starts

by statia on April 5, 2009

The Mini is STILL sick.  This is the longest that this kid has had a cold in his entire life, so I can’t complain, and because he didn’t seem to have anymore than just a slight runny nose most of the week, I sent him to school (which I probably shouldn’t have been that asshole parent, but he was in good spirits and wasn’t slowing down at all).  Yesterday he woke up coughing and for the past two days he sounds like a little tiny lounge singer/ex tiny smoker.   It’s what I call toddler sexy.   Of course, because he sounded bad, I called the pediatrician, who promptly took my $15 co-pay and then told me “nope, he’s fine.  Lungs are clear, nose is clear, he’s on the tail end of it, have a nice weekend!”

Thanks for the diapering tips.  I did join a few diapering forums to see if I could find some other information, and maybe some gently used diapers.   And now I know why I didn’t join them last year.  For one, I’m not a forum kind of person.  Internet shorthand makes my colon seize, and if I remember correctly, my head swam when I first started diapering the Mini in cloth, so I just went with one or two brands of pockets and made it work.   We have about 15 pocket diapers, mostly one brand, with a few others that I like a little less, but they work.   I don’t mess with covers, or doublers.   I realize that I spent far less than a lot of cloth diapering parents, when I get right down to it.   Maybe putting $200 to $300 out of pocket, max.

Do you people realize that there are cloth diapers out there that are $35-$40 a DIAPER?   On top of the fact that you still need covers?   What in the holy hell is the point of this?  Sure, most of them are one size, but covers aren’t, and really, isn’t the point of going cloth to be more on the economical side?   I didn’t realize that there was a haute coture in the diapering world.   And folks, I love anything haute, but spending thousands of dollars for a stash of diapers for your child to shit in, just seems kind of counter-intuitive.  I can see treating yourself to one or two as they make cute diapers for outings,  but that’s one thing that I don’t think I can be addicted to.   Even though it wasn’t necessary, the Meester already told me not to get any ideas.

Oh, don’t worry dude.  I’ve been selfless enough since becoming a Mama.  I’m not throwing perfectly good money down the drain.  I’ll be saving it for a day at the spa.


jesser April 6, 2009 at 8:12 am

$35 for a diaper?!?! That’ll buy three boxes of the cheap Target disposables I buy (sorry planet).

Flicka April 6, 2009 at 8:46 am

I know, some of those diapering mamas are insane crazy people. And not in a fun way like Sarge. The thing I find the most hilarious about all of it is that NO ONE in everyday life would be able to identify a diaper as “haute” if they saw it. The chances of anyone spotting your kid’s diaper and whispering to another mom “Oooooh, that’s the Gucci of diapers right there! Wow!” is slim to none. I’m with you on the whole spa thing. Or maybe some new jeans. Something that does NOT have to do with poop.

geeky April 7, 2009 at 11:54 am

I think our dog has the same thing the Mini has. Except it cost us $300 for the vet to tell us she was fine, but take these pills just in case.

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