by statia on March 31, 2009

We’ve hit the point of this pregnancy where we’ve got just weeks to go before we hit the ol’ due date.  As in single digit numbers.  This worries me.

Overall, this hasn’t been a bad pregnancy.  I now fully waddle.  My arms and legs have shrunk considerably and I’m starting to mildly swell.  Also?  Hello, Crocs, my old friend.  [/Newman].  I’m not retaining water the way I did with the Mini, thankfully, but bending over to tie my shoes has become more of a challenge, obviously, and given the fact that I have horrible foot problems, there’s really very few alternatives.  I’m embarrassed by it, but hopefully once flip flop season hits, my feet won’t be too fat to shoehorn into a pair of Reefs.  My physical therapist will be so proud.

But I’m worried more from the standpoint of going from one to two.  The Mini has hit a particularly difficult phase as of late.  On top of him having a cold, he’s got his two year molars coming in and I’m not sure if that’s one of the big factors of him acting like a ripe asshole, but he’s incorrigable to deal with lately.  I find that as my discomfort becomes more prominent, my patience wears thinner, though, I’m trying to understand that he’s 2, and showing his independence, on top of having a mouth that probably feels af if someone is sticking hot pokers in.    While he has had his lengthy moments of crankiness, he’s never been a kid to question or push back when it came to rules.  I know this comes with the territory, but when you have a new baby arriving in just weeks, this is a bit frightening.  When he’s sweet, it’s great, but when he’s not, forget it.  It’s part of the intensity of his personality.  I’m hoping the molars come in soon, because I do feel bad for him.

On top of this, he managed to sneeze on my 77 times over the course of the last week, so it was just a matter of time before I got his cold.  I swear, it should be illegal for pregnant women to get colds.


motel manager April 1, 2009 at 9:48 am

Wow, time is definitely flying! I agree re: colds and being pregnant. That bites.

Since S.oren is just now getting towards two, I can’t really advise you about managing a 2+ y/o and a newborn. But in general handling two is not as bad as I would have thought. I don’t know if that is reassuring at all. Our life is VERY hectic, but we are mellower about #2, and the hecticness is kind of fun for the moment. I do look forward to when Seb.astian is less of a blob, though, as well as to when they take naps at the same time.

geeky April 1, 2009 at 11:27 am

Single digits already? Where is the time going?!

Mina April 6, 2009 at 12:40 pm

I came down with two ear infections and bronchitis when I was about to pop. Sure enough, I was still on my z-pack and barely had a voice when I was induced.

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