Year in Review

by statia on January 3, 2009

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year.   New Years was spent with our good friends Pat and Buzz.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t partake in the alcoholism this year, but that’s ok.  I now have enough to go on for a hefty bribe if Buzz ever wins the lottery.   The Mini was non too happy for us to be leaving him with a veritable stranger (my sister) to put him to bed.  But it was nice to get out for some adult time and not have to spend half of that time wrangling a toddler and then putting him to bed in a different place, only to wake him up to drag him home.

I usually do a year in review, just to kind of summarize what the hell I do with myself all year.  I skipped last year because it was basically like, “Have you seen the baby?  You gotta see the baby!”  type of year and I figured I’d spare everyone a recap of all the cute things my kid does on a regular basis.  This year however, while it wasn’t a bad year, it did pose its challenges.

January:  Mini got a new helmet for his crooked little noggin and then promptly started walking.  I timed that perfectly.   We celebrated our 3rd anniversary.   I can’t believe he puts up with me.

February: February was a little boring.  But the Meester did end up getting a new job, which was nice.   Thankfully he loves it.  The downside is that he has to travel a bit more, which ought to be fun when Fetus 2.0 is born.

March: My baby turned one.  That is all.

April: Took the Mini to Baltimore to visit Suzie, Tim and Josie. Baltimore aquarium is like hell.  You can’t take a stroller in there.  I also remember feeling like I was sinking due to the fact that the Mini never sat down for a minute ever.  Being in public was really stressful.

May: Went to go visit Kathy in Georgia.  Just me and the Mini.  On a plane.  I let him ride on my lap.  Never do that again.   Sure it sucks to have to purchase another seat for a toddler, but letting them ride on your lap is just asking for a deep vein thrombosis.

June: I had had this nagging feeling for a few months about the Mini’s development.  His pediatrician showed some concern at his 15 month appointment.  It was after that appointment (and a shot, NOT MMR.  Also, will not get into a vaccine debate, I’ve said my peace on that), that I noticed some further changes in him.  All I can say, is watching your child’s personality change for the worse is a scary thing.   Made an appointment with Early Intervention to have him evaluated.  Also? Taking your child, who’s displaying red flags for Autism to a family gathering in a hotel with nothing for him to do, is like my own personal hell.

July: Early Intervention diagnosed the Mini with a 50% global developmental delay.  We also took him to an ayurvedic physician who helped me years ago.   I can truly say that this was the lowest point in my whole year.  While it was a relief to have answers, it was tough knowing what we were up against.  And if you had told me then how much better things would be now, I don’t know if I’d have believed you.   Moral to the story:  Don’t deny your mothers intuition.  It’s a powerful thing.

August: Was filled with lots of progress and regressions on the therapy front.  Overall, the Mini made amazing progress, given the nature of things.   Celebrated my 33rd birthday with a shiny new url and look.

September: Managed to find an old friend from high school, which was pretty cool.  Especially since we have kids the same age.   Also, oh HEY, I’m pregnant.  Exactly a week after the Meester was pretty much decided that he didn’t want anymore kids.  Funny how that happens.  Not only was I shocked, but I didn’t expect it to last.

October: Um, what happened to October?  Oh yeah, I was still pretty much in denial that I was pregnant.

November: Mini is developing so fast, I can’t keep up.  He could count to ten in English and Norwegian a month and a half ago.  Now?  Forget it.   He’ll be counting to 100 by next week at the rate he’s going.   Finally got Mini off the bottle (not whiskey, we’re still working on that).  Had our own very quiet Thanksgiving.

December: Went to visit my cousin in Boston.  By myself.  I took the train for some extra bonus free time.  Sucked that my optical drive on my laptop was broken, but whatever. Glorious freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tiiiiiiiiiiime.  Christmas was a big fat toy explosion.  Spent New Years Eve with our crazy neighbors around the corner.

And that’s that.  Overall, I can’t really complain about this year.  It was definitely hard in its own way, but I really appreciate the other side more now, having gone through some difficult times.   I wouldn’t trade the experience in for anything.

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Chris January 3, 2009 at 8:23 pm

Happy New Year Statia!!

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