Hello, My Old Friend.

by statia on November 15, 2008

Everyone says that every pregnancy is different, and I always found that weird.  Same person, different symptoms.  To an extent, my symptoms have been sort of the same.  Save for the fact that last time, i was on a heavy artillery of hormones, which I’m sure exacerbated the grossness that I felt.  This time, my symptoms, have been pretty similar in nature, except on a less grander scale.   The one thing I’d say that was worse was the exhaustion.  Chasing after a toddler with that caliber of exhaustion was beyond tough.

Believe me, I’m not complaining.

What I find really amusing, is food aversions.   Last time, you couldn’t come near me with chicken, unless you wanted to face certain death.  But meat was OK.  This time, the smell of meat makes me want to toss my stomach contents up.   But chicken is fine.   This time?  Hair.  Seeing rogue hair invokes gagging, which is awesome when you have two dogs.

And then there are the constants.  Orange Juice and ribs.  Not together, but both don’t taste nearly as good when I’m not gestating.

So far I haven’t gained any weight.  I’m betting that’s about to change now that I’ve had my first taste of ribs for the pregnancy season.


Camille November 15, 2008 at 1:44 pm

I couldn’t really eat beef when pregnant with G. I was used to eating steak every Saturday night with the Donahues, but could no more.

Kris November 15, 2008 at 4:29 pm

To this day my mother can’t smell Tide without gagging…and she’s almost 70 years old.

I craved coke slurpees and Subway BMT’s with Kasia; and I can’t really remember any cravings with Bug. (Kasia loves coke slurpees and BMT’s.)

Either way both my kids turned out equally weird. Perhaps you’ll encounter the same. LOL!

No weight gain is fine, as long as you’ve got some to lose while baby gains. (That happened to me.)

BJ November 15, 2008 at 5:34 pm

Sure, you’re still the same person, but the wee little one in there is dictating the weirdness.

Amy November 15, 2008 at 6:20 pm

OMG – I thought I was the only one who had that hair aversion! I only had it with my first pregnancy, but it was badddd. Every time the puppy rolled on her back and I saw her hairy tummy… ugh… And my husband could NOT understand it.

Another bizarre one with the first pregnancy was snow. And we lived in South Dakota at the time. Ha!

I still remember my husband going, “I can’t make the snow go away! What do you want me to do??” Awww. Poor little Mr. Fixit. :-)

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