Again with Election Talk

by statia on October 22, 2008

It was bound to happen.  As technology becomes more necessary in the world, more people are going to try to tamper with voting software, or make it as confusing as possible so that people either won’t vote or end up voting for the wrong candidate.  It’s sickening, but what really sickens me is the republican party’s admission to a scheme to try to prevent voters from voting.

In a startling concession, the Republican Party has admitted to participating in an illegal scheme to use foreclosure lists to challenge predominantly Democratic voters in Michigan on Election Day.

I know that they hope that voters will think that this is true and it will deter them from voting.   But if anyone out there that reads this (all 37 of you) has been unfortunate enough to go through a foreclosure, it does NOT mean that you are not able to vote.  NO ONE can take away that right and telling you this is total bullshit.   Not to mention, highly illegal.   But I wouldn’t put it past someone to try this sort of shit.

On November fourth, you have the right to vote.  No matter what anyone tries to tell you.


jesser October 22, 2008 at 3:07 pm

It’s sickening and I think shows the huge fear of the GOP at this moment. They see the writing on the wall. Politics brings out the worst in everyone.

Faith October 22, 2008 at 5:59 pm

Well, actually the right can be taken away, but not due to something like a foreclosure. Felons have their right to vote revoked when they are convicted. I don’t know when/how they get it reinstated, if at all.

This whole race has me disgusted at this point. Which is why I’m on a write-in Tim Gunn kick. Vote for Tim Gunn!

Kevin Donahue October 22, 2008 at 8:50 pm

Neither party would use foreclosed homes lists to take away someone right to vote. You are correct, it cannot happen.

What **100% does happen** is that *both* parties use lists to identify voters who might be voting out of precinct. And the foreclosure lists are just ONE example. There are a bunch of lists that the parties use to do this. This has been a long practice for many years in many states. Challenging votes is nothing new at all. Both parties submit lists (QVFs… Qualified Voter Forms) that identify voters who the parties don’t think were legal in a given precinct. Sometimes it is for felonies, sometimes its because people have just moved, and sometimes its because people cheat the system.

There was a story on the news yesterday about a foreclosed house in Ohio that had 13 people “squatting” there illegally – all of whom were legal residents registered to vote in NY. They had come down from NY just to try to vote in Ohio because of the close election. That’s not right and luckily someone caught them.

Think about it – if I get evicted, then I have to move. If I move, then I have to register wherever I live and vote in that new precinct. But if I’m evil (or dumb or too busy to re-register my new address) then I might try to vote at my old address. How would the state stop me? I have my ID… it has the old address. The state probably couldn’t, but a foreclosed list might make one of the parties flag my name.

It sounds mean and scary, but — and this is JUST MY OPINION — I think the parties have to do it because the states have shown that they cannot protect the integrity of the process.

I didn’t read all the way through the linked post because it was all existed on one blog without links to an actual news source. I’ll presume the story was legit. Probably was, but maybe filtered pro/con.

I’m sorry to “go off” in your comments. I don’t mean too. I just hope we all chill out and give one another the benefit of the doubt. Maybe someone was trying to be evil, but there’s a chance that they were just trying to keep the elections fair, too.

Meredith October 23, 2008 at 1:19 am

Well, all of us except the convicted felons. But, unless I missed the reintroduction of debtors’ prisons, foreclosure doesn’t count. Anyway, I was really shocked by this story too– unbelievable…. almost….

jesser October 23, 2008 at 3:27 pm

This is completely off topic, but did you realize the guy who did your header graphic is the same guy who did the *awesome* fat unicorn t’shirt I linked to on my site?? Odd coincidence.

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