Dear today, blow me.

by statia on September 27, 2006

When life hands you lemons….

You chuck them at people’s heads in a “run by fruiting” and then dig to the bottom of your handbag, scrape up the last of your change, dust off the crumbs and purchase some Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, which you will proceed to suck down in less than two minutes. These will probably be the best RPBC’s you’ve ever eaten because you’re pregnant and you can justify eating them.

And they’ll make you feel better.


SarahD September 27, 2006 at 1:43 pm

One of the best movie quotes of all time! Sorry you had a bad day :( I hear Ben&Jerry’s has a similar effect to the PB Cups.

DD September 27, 2006 at 2:29 pm

No wonder I woke up on the wrong side of the bed; you were in my spot, which of course explains your day as well.

Lori September 27, 2006 at 3:01 pm

Or you talk your husband into making cupcakes.
Glad the RPBCs helped.

Pamela September 27, 2006 at 3:57 pm

Reese’s Cups. So. Rule!

Lisa September 28, 2006 at 10:18 am

When Life Hands You Lemons…

Yeah, I was chomping on RPBC’s this morning hardcore. It’s been a week. I hope you feel better!

girl September 28, 2006 at 11:18 am

damnit. you just reminded me that I forgot to buy some of those at work today. 3 for 99 cents, man. two Reese Cups for 33 cents? who the hell can pass that up?

amy t. September 28, 2006 at 12:35 pm

I just watched that movie the other day. I love the run by fruiting!

fran September 28, 2006 at 1:06 pm

lemons remind me of limes, limes remind me of mojitos, mojitos remind me of you which remind me again, of mojitos…i could use a mojito right about now the way today is going…

Donna September 28, 2006 at 6:09 pm

Dude! Seriously, those are your boobs?? I don’t remember them being so…bountiful. Not like I was looking or anything.

Mmmmm, mojitos.

Chris September 29, 2006 at 8:51 am

Run by fruiting. Ha. Sounds like something more likely to happen on Queer Eye.

This whole week can blow me.

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