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by statia on April 28, 2006

Nearly a month ago, the meester made a purchase on ebay for a video game he had been wanting. He won the auction on the third and the game was shipped (according to the seller) on the 7th. The item was coming from southern California, and for those of you that haven’t been paying attention, we are in northern California. A mere 5 hour drive from soCal. It should also be noted that he paid $7 for shipping. Because that’s really the important part.

So, WEEKS go by and the meester emails the seller and in his nice way, is like “dude, wtf? I bought this item in the beginning of the month and it’s still not here. For $7 this should have been here early last week. The slow pony express could have gotten it here faster than this.” The guy assures him it went out USPS and to let him know if it didn’t come soon, because he wanted to make the meester’s buying experience a pleasant one, as the guy was new to ebay and wanted to get good feedback.

The item finally showed up, LAST SATURDAY. Last Saturday = April, 22nd, which is 16 days after he paid $7 to have this item shipped from soCal. The shipping sticker on the package? $1.59, media mail. I think media mail is really code for “97 year old man walks your package to you.” It’s at this point that the meester gets kinda pissed. So he sends the guy an email:

I received the product today, however I now realize why it took so long to get here: $1.59 media mail shipping. I know you want a good rating on ebay, but this is not the way to get it. Let’s work this out so that I don’t have to leave you negative feedback. I hate leaving bad feedback, anyway, but have had to at times. Let me know your thoughts on this.


Nothing rude or anything. Just stating the facts.

And so it starts, and the reply comes back from the guy:

I set the shipping at 7 and starting price at 10 to ensure I received at least $17 for the product, not to mention the labor cost, getting to the post-office (I ride the bus), etc. I am sorry this transaction had to turn out this way, and I was unaware that media mail takes so long to ship, but there was absolutely no implication of expedited shipping. If you look at the shipping details of the listing I posted, it reads standard flat-rate shipping. If you still wish to leave me negative feedback because you feel that you were wronged, despite the fact that out of good faith I left you postive feedback, then do so, but as circumstance goes I will only refund a maximum of $2 (that is ofcourse if u waive the negative feedback). I hope that you understand, and look forward to your reply (or a positive feedback in which case I will immediately paypal you the $2). Thank you once again for the transaction.

Now, it’s at this point that we’re just like, are you fucking kidding? Not only does the guy admit to heavily padding his shipping, but then goes on about labor? I mean, come ON. I’ve shipped a ton of shit for auctions, and yeah, it’s a little time consuming, but you’re selling something, you accept that responsibility. If I wanted to be charged labor, I’d call a plumber. At least I’m getting some amusement out of it by looking at his hairy sweaty asscrack while he’s under my sink.

So the meester emails him back:

It isn’t that I feel wronged. It is that I feel your sales mechanism within the eBay auction is dishonest. If you truly wanted at least $17, then you should have simply put the reserve at $17. Also, you got $24.95 from me, so your $17 was already acheived. At that point, perhaps cutting a break to buy it now customers is a good idea? Maybe not. At any rate, I am sure that what I say here will not change your mind. Bottom line for me is that I feel it was dishonest and way to eek out a couple more bucks from the transaction. You can keep your $2, however.


I mean, are we being assholes here? Yes, we all sometimes make a buck or two off ebay from shipping, but we also sometimes miscalculate and end up losing a buck or two. It evens out. We don’t pad our auctions to make money off shipping. But the guy clearly doesn’t think he did anything wrong:

I am new to Ebay. I see people putting products up all the time with $100 shipping and the buy-it-now at $0.99. Would you expect instant shipping for that item despite what the shipping method reads? Fact of the matter is, the item you purchased read standard, flat-rate shipping and the posted shipping price was $7.00. If you had an issue with that, you should have brought it to my attention prior to purchasing the item and prior to me sending it. We had a contract that you accepted and you were trying to change it post-fact. I don’t understand.

So this goes back and forth, and never once is the meester rude, but at this point, we’re laughing, because yeah, while it didn’t say expedited shipping, but the guy just point blank has admitted to padding shipping because “everyone does it”. I mean, why not just charge more for the auction itself? Up until this point, he had not left any feedback for the guy, even though the guy had already left his the meester positive feedback. The meester had no choice to be leave negative feedback. The guy was just being stupid. It went back and forth all day yesterday, and finally, the guy sends him a final email:

Yeah, your petty feedback will hopefully be taken off, and I am totally willing to pay for it. You, sir, are a dishonest trader and clearly do not understand the concept of shipping AND HANDLING and business ethics. I pray I never have to deal with someone of your caliber again on Ebay. Thanks for ruining one of my first ebay experiences.

P.S. Just to let you know I am going to contact an admin and report your misconduct.

The part about business ethics and reporting his misconduct had us in stitches.

Moral to the story: Don’t be an asshole and pad your shipping, and if you’re going to do that, don’t admit it or show the postage paid sticker on the package.


Ms. Pants April 28, 2006 at 4:34 pm

I pad my shipping sometimes, but it’s rarely more than $3 and it’s only about $3 if I have to buy a box and packing material for the item. Other than that? Pffft. And I ALWAYS ship Priority.

Tell Meest to send what he has to the eBay admin as well. They can tag the guy for dishonest dealings.

Stephanie April 28, 2006 at 7:12 pm

And, anyway, if he specified “Standard Flat Rate Shipping”, that isn’t what you got. You got “Media Mail” shipping.

So, didn’t he break his contract, too?

I would always rather pay more for a product if I don’t have to pay for shipping, too. For instance, I watch QVC sometimes in the morning when I am getting dressed. They’ll charge you $20 for an item and then charge $5 shipping. That really peeves me. I would just rather pay $25 for an item and not have to worry about shipping. Stupid, I know, but, it’s a mental thing.

No, I mean, *I’m* not mental. Oh, well, maybe I am.

grace April 28, 2006 at 7:24 pm

Oh ebay, and the stories I could tell!

He’s a jerk and he knows it. Hopefully this was not only one of his first ebay experiences but his last. We certainly don’t need his crap.

Hey, at least he left you positive feedback first! You have learned oh wise ones, NEVER be the first to leave feedback…it could come back to haunt you…LOL

girl April 28, 2006 at 9:38 pm

I fucking hate people that do that. I generally send them hate mail and sometimes I’ll even send mail to the person bidding on their product to let them know that they’re being ripped off. I base my shipping on the actual weight of the product in the packaging and whether or not I have to buy a box and stuff. that’s it. and often, if I get the post office, and the shipping is less than I had expected, I PayPal the buyer a refund. THAT is a good ebay seller, not that prick.

Jenn April 29, 2006 at 6:43 am

You know, if he really was concerned over “labor” costs, he could have added a handling charge. I think he was definately in the wrong here.

Jonathan April 29, 2006 at 11:02 am

Maybe I’m wrong, but surely it doesn’t take 16 days for even media mail shipping to go from southern CA to SF. Did the shipping date on the package jive with when he claimed to have mailed it?

Donna April 29, 2006 at 1:30 pm

Geek fight!

mac April 29, 2006 at 1:59 pm

Do you get the idea that he’s the kind of dork who runs around yelling, “Good day, Sir! I said good day!” in a completely serious way?

girl April 29, 2006 at 2:42 pm

Maybe I’m wrong, but surely it doesn’t take 16 days for even media mail shipping to go from southern CA to SF..

sometimes Media Mail can be completely wonky. we generally ship via Media Mail on for items that are too heavy to ship First Class and one time I got negative feedback from some asswipe that was mad that it took 2 weeks to get there. had he looked at the ship date, he would have seen that I sent it the day AFTER he ordered it.

coloratura April 29, 2006 at 5:36 pm

Yeah. It’s called a fundamental business principle: honesty. And if you can’t handle that, you shouldn’t be in business. Or, you better be the best liar in the world. Most liars, howevers, are pretty stupid and will get caught like he did. He does sound like he’s new to being in business for himself though. Anyone with any experience [and perhaps more smarts] would have know that your meester should have had his $$ refunded at the absolute first instance. A well, Darwin will take care of him.

Tiffanni April 30, 2006 at 7:33 am

Quite the ordeal. Damn. People can be so much fun, can’t they?

Stephanie April 30, 2006 at 9:21 am

oy vey. what an ass. (not the meester of course.)

Lola Badeggs April 30, 2006 at 9:36 am

What a total fuckwit. Don’t you just wish you could track him down and bash his head against a wall a couple of times?

Beth April 30, 2006 at 4:36 pm

This is classic – Himself and I are rolling over here. Watch out for those HANDLING costs – and the labor, dear God, the labor of having to *ride* a bus to the post office.

As my mother would say with a hint of amusement, what an assrag.

ewe_are_here May 1, 2006 at 12:53 pm

I always watch out for the outrageously high shipping fees on Ebay. The reason you find people offering a product for $0.99 with $20.00 shipping (or some other weird and seemingly outrageous number) is because they are, in fact, trying to screw Ebay. Ebay gets its cut based on the selling price, not the shipping and handling costs. So Sellers figure I’ll make sure it adds up to what I want to get for my product, but make sure Ebay gets as little as possible out of my profits.

girl May 2, 2006 at 8:58 am

you know, I never thought about it that way, ewe, but I’m sure you’re absolutely right. that makes a lot of sense. I wish there were something ebay could do about people like that. there ought to be a way to report people that inflate their shipping. they’re essentially lying to the buyers about the cost of shipping since anyone with a brain knows that an envelope to ship a cd or something doesn’t cost $6. bleh. people like that just make me a better seller so people will buy from me instead.

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