I don’t think there’s six weird things about me. I mean, I’m perfect!!!

by statia on April 25, 2006

So I was tagged for this Meme and I was all shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Because really? I can’t think of six weird things about myself. Because while I’m a little fucked up in the head? I’M NOT WEIRD. I couldn’t really come up with anything that I hadn’t written about before. You know I’m a crazy ferret lady, you know I smell my floss, hell, you even know my secret shame of being a guppy orphan. I just couldn’t really come up with anything else that’s weird.

However, my husband had no trouble at all.

1.) I have a very BIG aversion to anyone looking at my butthole. I know you’re thinking wtf? But the no no hole? It’s off limits. The meester has been warned on many occasions that there will be NO back door action WHATSOEVER. I don’t even want him looking at it for medical reasons. My butthole is like a quarry, you never really see the bottom.

2.) When I was younger I used to hate making my bed. So instead of having to make it everyday, I tucked my entire comforter under the mattress. I loved sleeping like a pencil in a back pocket. There’s no way in hell I could sleep like that now.

3.) When I was about 7, my mother made me sleep on the dining room floor because I wouldn’t clean my room. I came home one day to an entirely immaculate room and the hook and eye lock on the door. Isn’t my mother so warm and fuzzy?

4.) When I was a baby, I wouldn’t eat beef. I would suck on it until it was white and then spit it out.

5.) I have a very bad squeezing habit. Clogged pores, ingrown hairs, zits, you name it. I’m obessive about squeezing things.

6.) When I was in elementary school, I had unruly frizzy hair and no matter how much I brushed it, it never looked like it was combed and all of the kids would make fun of me. The school nurse even asked why I never combed my hair.

Yeah, so they’re not great, but it literally took me all day to think of things.

That expelled so much of my brain power, that I’m not tagging anyone.


jen April 26, 2006 at 3:22 am

This was like reading something my sister typed up…

She used to sleep like a pencil, she would not eat beef, she sucked on it and spit it out, she has the squeezing habit and her hair is the most unruly hair you have ever seen..ever.

Very amusing… :O)

geeky April 26, 2006 at 6:02 am

the beef thing? ew. but your mom locking you out of your room? haha that sounds like something my mom would have done if she had thought of it.

beagle April 26, 2006 at 10:59 am

My Mom and I fought over my room from oh, say the age of 7 until I moved out at 18. I vow not to be militant about my kid(s) room!

Interesting list, very interesting!

Maya April 26, 2006 at 5:39 pm

Love #1. I agree. Thanks I needed a good laught today!

Linda April 26, 2006 at 6:10 pm

OMG. #1 is just damned hilarious. It does raise a question though: “How on earth do you hide it from Dr. Moustache on the table?” LOL!

Waiting Line April 26, 2006 at 8:54 pm

Great list!! I’m laughing out loud – laughing WITH you, not at you, of course. :-)

Go rest up, you’ll need your brain power tomorrow ‘cuz TAG you’re it – again. JUST KIDDING!! JOKE, JOKE!!

Chris April 27, 2006 at 8:10 am

All very interesting…and very helpful in discovering and appreciating the wonder that is you. Although the beef thing? Kinda gross ;-)

Jonathan April 27, 2006 at 10:57 am

I seem to recall a fetish for putting your boob in water dishes

and dressing up like teletubbies (I know, I know, it only happened once, back in college, during the experimental days)

skits April 28, 2006 at 3:16 am

You’re such a freak.

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