My fragile skin and thinned blood can’t handle the cold

by statia on December 8, 2005

While the majority of the US is either covered in snow or dealing with below normal temperatures today, I am going to bitch about the weather. Why? Because I like to bitch about things and one of them is this weather we’re having. It’s fucking cold here in the bay area lately. We had a late summer, followed by a delayed rainy season (which I’m NOT complaining about). The past couple of weeks it’s been so cold that I’ve seen frost. FROST, people. In California. And they still haven’t put up a disclaimer on the sign upon entering the state to warn the incoming transplants.

With the sudden change in weather, I worry about little Miss M. in her crate under the poorly insulated window freezing her ass off. We haven’t let her on the bed but a few times because we wanted her to understand that it’s a privilege, not a righ (that and to stop pissing behind the couch). I bet you find it hard to believe, but I was a hardass with G-man. He wasn’t ever allowed on the bed. Then he had his accident and I felt bad for him. Even today, he’ll start on the bed, but he usually sleeps on his own bed.

The Meester is holding out and has more willpower than I do. Even though she wakes up a chisicle nearly every morning because she refuses to sleep in her faux fur sleeping bag. The Meester is also always cold because I can’t sleep with any sort of heat. Pete Beck actually confirms that Chihuahua’s are great sources of heat. So I figure, if we let her sleep on the bed under the covers, it’ll be a win win situation. They’ll both stay warm.

Clearly this is a huge dilemma that requires either some encouraging or discouraging depending on whether you think I’m a pansy or a hard ass.


Faith December 9, 2005 at 1:29 pm

The boyfriend is a big believer in not allowing a dog into bed with you. Apparently, it gives the animal the idea that they are more of an equal with the owners, and they start to behave accordingly, taking advantage of you and stuff. I wouldn’t know. I grew up with a Newfoundland, and if I’d even been allowed by my parents to have her in my bed with me at night, she would have had the entire bed to herself, since it was a twin bed and it would’ve been her or me in it, not both of us. But boyfriend has had dogs all his life, and had a girlfriend at one point that he lived with who had a dog. She allowed the dog to sleep with them, which I think is where his prejudice against animals in bed comes from. So he might not be all that trustworthy a source, but I thought I’d throw it out there for you, just in case. :)

Deltus December 9, 2005 at 4:01 pm

My wife allows the dog on the bed when she goes to bed, but then I kick him off when I go. I used to be more lax on this, but I’ve gotten more stern in the last few years. Faith’s boyfriend is right.

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