Houdini, or maybe Evil Kinevil.

by statia on December 11, 2005

Little dog constantly mystifies us on a regular basis. Proving everyday that she’s smarter than we are and is just fucking with us to make us lose our minds.

Cut to this morning:

him: did you let her out of her crate?
me: mmmfbmmggg (Yes I sound like Helen Keller in the mornings) Muh?
him: did you let her out of her crate?
me: no, why? is she out of her crate? (obviously, I’m not very smart in the mornings either)
him: she’s out of her crate.
me: maybe g-man did it.
him: maybe.

*both of us have a completely stumped look on our faces*

Neither of them have thumbs. Hell, they don’t even have shrimp thumbs. So how the hell she got out is a complete mystery to us. And of course, once again, there was no accidents on the floor.

Silly us, accidents are only for when we’re home, awake and so that we can appreciate her artwork.


geeky December 11, 2005 at 12:52 pm

well she is a chihuahua… maybe she squeezed through the bars? :)

Deltus December 14, 2005 at 1:12 pm

It was aliens. They beamed her out.

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