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by statia on December 3, 2005

This has been Mega Get Shit Done Weekend™. We cleaned out the garage, cleaned half the house, made a major dent in our Christmas shopping and wrapped most of of the presents. And we still had time to play pool (where I proceeded to act like a total bitch because I wasn’t on my a game tonight) and darts (where I did much better and I’m currently addicted to darts). In continuation of Mega Get Shit Done Weekend™, tomorrow is laundry, finishing up the house, washing the cars and getting our tree. Wheeeeeeeee. I’m exhausted.

5:30am we had yet ANOTHER night of puppy cries. Sort of a regression, and since I’m German and dead inside, I decided that I was going to let her cry it out and thankfully the meester was thinking the same thing, so there was no argument of “do you want to take her out?.” We made sure that bitch was on E before we went to bed, so I know she didn’t have to go. I got up to pee and see that the G is either a) missing her or b) totally teasing her beause he was laying next to her cage, which I’m guessing is the reason for the crying.

One step forward, two steps back.

My mother used to tell me that when I was a baby, that she could tell how long I’d sleep by how many ounces I took (i.e. 1oz = one hour and so on). She said that I would never take more than half and an ounce and there were many many times where she wanted to dump 8 ounces down my throat.

I wonder if there’s a Chihuahua equivalent to that?

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amy t. December 5, 2005 at 6:36 am

“We made sure that bitch was on E before we went to bed…”

How wrong is it that I read that and thought, “HOLY CRAP! They gave their dog ecstacy?!?!”

I need help.

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