Sometimes you have to find humor in your busted ute.

by statia on November 10, 2005

A few bloggers and myself have this mail game going on that Pete ressurected from his former years. The mail game basically consists of emailing the most inane, or insane shit you can come up with. Example:

After that, every day with the mail, I’d get an envelope or a package. Usually it was something stupid. One day, it was a box of ripped up paper. That’s it. Just ripped paper. Another day, it was one of those paint with water pictures, only instead of painting with water, the colors were smudged everywhere, and the picture had a decidedly yellow odor, if you get my drift.

I hung it on the fridge.

So there you have it. The mail game. Now, there’s something you need to understand about Pete, he’s a sarcastic bastard, but he doesn’t mean any harm. While he comes off as insensitive, he completely understands my situation. So when he sent me this IM the other day, I just about lost my shit.

Pete: Me: Hon, would it be tasteless to draw a fetus picture and have Cameron color it for me? Jess: For what? Me: To send to Statia, since she’s barren.
Pete: I’m now on ignore for the week.
statia: hahahahaah
statia: I’m sure she wants to kick you in the cajones for that

Now, while I understand that not everyone has the same sense of humor as me and Pete, there’s a difference between insensitive asshole comments and being funny when you know the other person can handle it. If someone you didn’t know just IM’ed you a conversation like this out of the blue, you’d probably want to shove a speculum up their asshole sideways (not before you broke down into tears because of your faulty uterus and raging hormones of course).

But now and then, some of this humor in a situation as emotionally draining and depressing as this is really refreshing.

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Deltus November 10, 2005 at 2:26 pm

I hope you don’t think less of me when I laughed like an idiot on giggle-juice when I read that IM snippet. I have a sick sense of humor too.

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