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by left_blank on February 25, 2005

You know, Sporty obviously feels my pain. pesky’apostrophe has been acting wonky for days, since my birthday, really. And then I look at her tagline — What is your major malfunction? I swear, it speaks personally to me — because I haven’t really been able to post regularly, I have this crazy build up of bile and angst. Seriously, I think I’ve developed a facial tic from holding it all in. So I guess if you’re in Philadelphia and you see a blonde chick on the sidewalk, flailing and compulsively winking and chewing her lip and yelling ‘fuck!’ intermittently, well…that could be me.

Even a buttload of furious knitting didn’t help me relax last night. Even knowing that I’m flying cross country to visit Sporty and the Meester for Memorial Day didn’t soothe my frazzled nerves. All this over a freakin’ blog. Maybe I need to get an emergency therapist for moment’s like these when I have no where to vent. Oy.

So what’s really been pissing me off since yesterday [with only Mr. Fish to complain to, I might add] is the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. OK, to be honest, it’s been angering me for quite some time. Since 1993, to be precise. But recently the Government Accounting Agency released a study that revealed that around $200 million had been spent on implementing and maintaining that idiotic policy. Dude, if you’re a U.S. taxpayer you have had your money wasted for years so that a couple of fundies could ‘save’ hetero troops from an evil cabal of roving gay ninjas who are intent on raping and pillaging the barracks every night and otherwise gaying up the military. Yeah, clutch the pearls.

Now, I’m sure there are ignorant asscheeks who think $200 million is a small price to pay. And to those people, well, I say this to you: I hope you have a crippling accident while simultaneously diddling your sheep and your sister. It would have happened eventually, anyway. To those of us with a speck of humanity, knowing that our tax dollars have been spent in such a ludicrous pursuit, well, I’d say a bit of outrage is in order.

Aside from the bad policy [and I have to say that I feel somewhat responsible for it, since Clinton is the man behind the plan and I voted for Clinton. Yeah, I tend to take my vote seriously -- if everyone else did, the country might be in better shape], it’s seriously damaging the security of this country. Almost 10,000 soldiers have been kicked out of the military because of the policy. Nearly 1,000 of those dismissed held critical positions at the Pentagon. Over 300 were translators of languages that we desperately need translators for. Hey man, last time I checked doing your job well wasn’t related to who you like to pork. There are plenty of incompetent heteros in my office, and it’s not like the straight folk in the military are making a mother proud, yo.


tj February 25, 2005 at 8:28 am

amen sister! it’s a ridiculously lame policy. i work for the army too, and i can see how fricking homophobic people can be. i just don’t get it.

a) if somebody’s homosexual, who CARES if they’re attracted to me if i’m not attracted to them? it works the same with heterosexuals …

b) somebody can’t TURN you gay unless you already have gay tendencies, in which case THAT’S what you’re afraid of … not the other people who are homosexual.

c) all this ridiculous crap about it being a sin and such. so is cheating on your wife (in fact it’s a commandment), but it doesn’t seem to stop many uber-conservatives from doing it.

Deltus February 25, 2005 at 8:37 am

Hear hear on the ridiculousness of that policy. I think it should be the Don’t Mind, Don’t Care policy. If you’re straight and a gay person hits on you, say no. Women have been doing the same thing to unwanted advances from straight men for, well… for a hell of a long time, I tell you what.

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