What’s in your wallet?

by statia on November 29, 2004

I love that on occasion, I’ll totally blog about random shit, that ends up saving my ass later. Saturday I got a credit card statement in the mail from Capital One, one of the cards I had cancelled last month, with a bunch of shit charged to it. Late fees, a membership fee, and a recurring charge that I had cancelled. I looked at all the dates, looked up my account info, and then remembered that I had blogged about it. I thought maybe I was going to end up getting screwed because the date was after all of this crap appeared on my bill. Whores. Please tell me why they charged me a monthly membership fee after I had paid off the remainder of my balance. Then they tried to tell me that I had still had a payoff even after that last payment. After hassling the rep, she took off all the charges except for the recurring charge. I felt bad for being such a bitch to the girl, who was only doing her job, but screw them if they think they’re going to be trying to pull shit like that over on me. I knew cancelled that card a while ago. See? Sometimes it pays to blog about mundane crap.

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