I’m sorry. So Sorry.

by statia on November 8, 2004

Back in the day, when I was living with my ex (pre marriage), he had this pillow. He had this pillow almost his whole life, and couldn’t sleep without it. It was a foam pillow. Through years of use, the foam started to break down, and started to leak out. It would get all over everything, and the pillow itself smelled so rank. I coaxed him every day to get rid of this pillow. I finally hid it on him, and he tried to sleep without it. I thought for sure that he had gotten over it. A few months later, while we were about to go to sleep one night, he started to wig out. “Where the fuck is my pillow? I swear if you threw it out, I’m going to kill you.” Not literally of course, but I rarely saw him in freak mode. I laughed at him for being so stupid about a pillow and told him it was still in our apartment. He found it, and was happy. Me on the other hand, had to live with the stenchy pillow. He did finally get rid of it right after we got married. Only once did he contemplate diving in the dumpster for it.

Cut to last night. Recently, I had switched out my pillow. I had this old and busted down pillow. Anyone who uses down pillows know that over time, they break down and get all flat, and that’s exactly what happened to mine. So I tried to use this new pillow I had gotten a month ago. My old and busted pillow could be molded into the most exact postion. New hotness pillow could not. Finally last night, I couldn’t take it. The meester went and got old and busted for me. It felt so nice to have old and busted back. I literally talked to my pillow. “Oh pillow, I missed you so much. I’m so sorry I did that to you. I love you pillow.”

Course, I did take some muscle relaxers and pain killers last night. Still, I never quite understood why he got all mental over his pillow. I can’t believe I got so attached to this pillow. Eventually, I’ll have to give it up, but I think new hotness will need to be broken in a little at a time.


geeky November 8, 2004 at 6:50 am

i get attached to pillows, but not to the extent that i would dive into a dumpster to retrieve one.

i remember when i was in elementary school, i had this one pillow that i used for as long as i could remember. it was pretty flat, but i liked it that way. one day, i came home from school and my pillow was missing. what the… ? i asked my mom about it. she just said “oh yeah, i used it for your little brothers play costume and i forgot to tell you.” whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? you can’t just take my pillow and NOT TELL ME! i was pissed for months about that.

The Meeeeester November 8, 2004 at 7:00 am

We could always have G-man break it in for you.

Kevin Donahue November 8, 2004 at 8:04 pm

Thank you for recognizing the greatness of a broken in pillow. “Broken in” does not equal “broken down”. Stinky & rotten, well, that’s another story all together.

Cathy November 11, 2004 at 11:12 am

one of my roommates has a pillow…it has a name “little pillow” she cant sleep without it…kinda weird

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