Elephants and jackasses, I mean, donkeys

by statia on November 2, 2004

Dear Most People,

Thank for the constant reminders to vote. I understand that you’re worried that some of us might forget that it’s election day, and might forget to actually vote. Fear not. The media has done an upstanding job at making sure that we absolutely positively know Election Day was coming upon us and is now here. In fact for the last 10 months + I’ve known that election day was coming. If you happened to forget or don’t know that Election Day is here today, you’ve have been living under a rock. Don’t worry, I didn’t forget to do my part. So if one more person reminds me to vote today, I’m going to scream.

Thank you,


geeky November 2, 2004 at 7:52 am

don’t forget to vote!!!! heheeee. i couldn’t resist.

tj November 2, 2004 at 8:27 am

wait … seriously? that’s today? awww crap.

Ms. Pants November 2, 2004 at 9:27 am

Shake your titties when you vote, bitch.

Solonor November 2, 2004 at 11:14 am

Are all your bodily functions in well enough working order to stand in line and vote? Wouldn’t want any disgusting episodes at the polling place…

Sean November 2, 2004 at 3:48 pm

I’m voting for that little rich Texas guy…Ross something or nother. I’m gonna write his stinkin name in the box. Think they’ll know who I mean when I say “Ross something or nother, the little rich Texas guy with big ears?”

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