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by statia on October 2, 2004

So, I’m finally finishing up the pictures for the Meme. Whew. I got almost all of them done. One of them I substituted, but hey, you guys will get by. I took lots of pictures. DO YOU REALIZE HOW BIG THIS IS? And now, on with the show.

Geeky asked to see a picture of G-Man, who’s wearing the Meester’s camelback. See how we tease him? A picture of me playing Sims, and a picture of a lovely day at the beach.

Shaunacat wanted to see a view from my living room window, my messy bedroom and my favorite stress reliever. You’ll have to settle for my second favorite stress reliever. I’m not showing you the first. ;o)

Fran wanted to see what was under my sink. Well I have three of them, so here they are. Sink 1 Sink 2 and Sink 3.

Ms. Pants Wanted to see the meester and G-man Wrasslin. From the looks of it, G is getting his ass kicked. My computer desk tchotchkies, and my T.P. Roll. As long as I’m alive, there will never be namby pamby in this house.

Tricia wanted to see a picture of me and the meester in each of our respective cars, and I just couldn’t get both of them, so here’s a picture of the meester driving my car. Here’s also a picture of G-man’s two front paws, and a back one thrown in for good measure. Heh, he’s giving you the middle paw.

For Dell we have something I made myself. Well, Dell, I looked around, and really couldn’t find anything I made myself, not even dinner, but I did find that we had recently recovered our chairs, so here is one of the chairs. The TV we watch SVU on. Hahahahahahah. How classic was my timing? I couldn’t do that again if I tried. And she also wanted to see my favorite piece of makeup. I simply can’t live without my MAC Studio Fix.

Sphinxy, wanted to see the contents of the top drawer to any dresser, inside of our apartment. Well, we have one dresser, and that’s the Meester’s so here it is. Pretty sparse eh? She’s also one of those sneaky ones that would most definitely look in my medicine cabinet, or possibly my fridge. If you had seen it last Sunday, you’d have cried. Totally dried and barren. She also wanted a G-man asswag. That was really tough to get, but he’s doing the asswag here, I swear.

Julie was all about the AFJ (for those of you who don’t remember my old site, that would be Action Figure Jesus). Here’s AFJ. AFJ with some water, and AFJ looking out of the window. I think he wants to part the water, because Moses is at work with the rest of the gang.

Annastazia wants to see mine and G-man’s favorite junkfood. I am like a junkfood fiend. I love it all, but I did find these at the store, which are staple. They’re currently staling in the kitchen right now. G-man’s favorite junk food is easy: peanut butter

LT wanted to see my favorite outfit. Well, I wear jeans all the time, so really it’s all about the shirt. Currently this is my favorite sweater. Here’s the Meester on the sofa, and as hard as it was, here’s G-man going nuts from the buzz sound on Yahoo Messenger. *curses*

Lauren wanted to see G with his favorite toy. That would be his big boy ball™, hands down. My current favorite pair of shoes (being in CA has its privleges). She also wanted to take a peek under my bed. Messy eh?

And last but not least, Meegan wanted to see the view out my front door. Dude, if you want to see what’s outside, just look out my front window, that’s a much better view. And she wanted to see my lovely shower curtain. Sage chenille, or some shit like that. It lets light in, and matches our bathroom. That’s all I care about.

So there you have it. I’m all pictured out. For the entire year. No, seriously. That was hard.


sphinx October 3, 2004 at 6:56 am

Dude, I saw the frosting in the fridge.. BAHAHAHA.

ANd you have us on your desk! I think I’m gonna cry! Eeeeee! I miss you.

Dell October 3, 2004 at 7:24 am

I am loving the viagra…. :)

geeky October 3, 2004 at 8:26 am

dude, what the hell is your sim doing in that photo?! and poor gman looks PISSED about wearing that camelback.. hahahahha.

Lisa October 3, 2004 at 5:47 pm

nice pics. take more. ;)

shaunacat October 4, 2004 at 7:49 am

You did great, thanks for sharing everything with us! (Okay, almost everything!) And the view from your living room is awesome…

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