Look at my beaver

by statia on October 3, 2004

The Meester and I decided that after a hard week of work, we wanted to get out. It’s funny, when I was married, we hardly ever did anything. He never had any ideas, and we spent the entire night playing “I don’t know, what do you want to do?”. I always get scared that this situation will happen again. So I keep the Meester on the go. Sorry Meester.

Was I rambling again? Anyway, I hadn’t been to a comedy club in eons. Probably since I saw Joe Bublewicz last September, so that’s what we did. I love seeing live comedy. Al Madrigal was the headliner. Honestly, I haven’t really watched a hell of a lot of stand up in the last couple of years, so I had never heard of him. I think I peed a little during his set. Funny is an understatement, I couldn’t catch my break long enough to finish my drink. I think I may order his CD.

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