The lion and the water boy

by statia on September 1, 2004

Being a Leo, my polar opposite sign is Aquarius. My personal experience was that Leo’s and Aquarians didn’t really get along. I dated a guy when I was in my late teens, early 20′s, who was an aquarian, and we fought like cats and dogs. I thought he was off the fucking wall with his narrow mindedness, and double standard bullshit. I swore I’d never date another one. My mother and I were and still are at wits end. I think that it’s normal for mothers and daughters to clash, but we’re pretty extreme. Hell, my best friend in middle and high school was an aquarian and we were constantly fighting and bickering.

I don’t know when the planets did a 180° but they did. My mother and I still don’t get along, but that’s because I cut her out of my life. However, one of my best friends for the last three and a half years is an aquarian, and I pretty much told him in the beginning that we couldn’t be friends. Haha, can you believe that?

Me: I can’t be friends with you.
Him: Why?
Me: Cause you’re an aquarian, and aquarians are crazy nut jobs, and I’m scared of you.

Suffice to say that to this day, we are like peas and carrots.

After years of swearing off the Aquarian population as a whole, I ended up with…

A Pisces.

Ok, not really. I ended up with an aquarian. I still think they’re crazy nut jobs, but I can live with it.


rachel September 1, 2004 at 6:58 pm

My polar opposite is a Sagg. The one I did date we didn’t fight I just didn’t like him. He was a pussy what can I say. Aries however DO NOT do me any good.
This Scorpio snagged a Pisces and he’s yummy.

Camille September 1, 2004 at 6:59 pm

I’m an aquarian and Josh is a Leo. We are very opposite, but mesh really well. He’s the best and I can’t imagine my life with anyone else. Yay for the Lions and the Water babies!

Deltus September 2, 2004 at 8:22 am

A relationship has to have a little conflict. That’s what makes passions rise, and therefore makes the sex better.

Annastazia September 2, 2004 at 10:28 am

It’s always been quite the opposite for me. Just about all of my really good friends have been aquarians, and somehow the leo-aquarius opposition works for me. I’ve never dated one though, so I’ll have to get back to you on that. ;-)

PunkAssBitch September 2, 2004 at 12:15 pm

I’m an Aquarian, and the worst mix I ever had was with a Taurus (oh lawd, that was BAD!)….and I tend to have very few (if any) in my circle of friends.

But I seem to get along great with all the rest, it’s funny though, most of the people in my life are Aquarian’s LOL.

and I love Leo’s…rowr LOL…if my chow hadn’t already been named when, he would definitely be named Leo.

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