my goal is to become a veterinarian because I love children

by statia on August 9, 2004

I had a fit of insanity earlier today. I told the meester to hide the jelly beans so that we didn’t eat them all within the week. Of course, all I wanted was those damn jelly beans, so I went on a mad hunt for them after I got home from taking G-man to the vet. The meester was going to give it up for the funk and just tell me but I persisted. I mean, how fuckin’ hard can it be to find 8lbs of jelly beans? Our place is a nice size, but it ain’t that big, and there aren’t that many hiding spots, especially with an above average intelligence dog. Apparently, he’s smarter than I am, and I should have enlisted him to find the damn jelly beans for me. The meester can never hide anything in the flour jar again. I didn’t even think to look in there until the jar was right in front of me while I was making dinner. Now that I know where they are, I’m a lot less crazy. Lets see if I can hold out for the entire week without having any that many jelly beans.

I had to find a new vet for G-man. We were out of heartworm pills, plus, it’s nice to know that he’s got a place to go, and it’s taken care of. A couple of weeks ago, I called my old vet and went to place an order on Ped Meds direct, and the fuckers never shipped my shit out and were giving me the run around with my old vet. Wouldn’t luck have it that they shipped out today, after I picked up a fresh supply from my new vet? Monkey fuckers. You can bet your ass that I will be promptly shipping that shit back to them for making me wait for two weeks. Assholes. G wasn’t happy about going to the vet, and of course, he instantly knew where we were, and that he didn’t like it, so he carried on and growled at everyone for a little while, until of course some lady came and gave him attention. After that, he worked the room like the three guys from night at the roxbury. He’s such an attention whore. I think he got like 15 biscuits in the span of an hour. But we were both happy with the staff and the other patients, so it looks like we have a new vet, and G-man has yet another place to whore his waggy ass around.


girlwonder August 9, 2004 at 7:20 pm

“my goal is to become a veterinarian because I love children”

i’m wondering if the fact that i knew where that quote came from makes me badass or lame.

rachel August 9, 2004 at 7:41 pm

Girlwonder.. I was just going to post the same exact thing. … and so that makes us badasses.
yeah yeah yeah…

Deltus August 9, 2004 at 11:00 pm

Okay, where’s the quote from?

Ari August 10, 2004 at 6:43 am

Good to hera GMAN has a new home, and a new vet. How was traveling across the country with him?

fran August 10, 2004 at 8:23 am

Have a jellybean
Have a jellybean
Have a jellybean… ;)

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