The West Coast will never be the same again…..

by left_blank on July 6, 2004

Hey. Buddha here. I’m pretty much a slackass. I was supposed to guest blog over here while the Meester and Meeses treked cross country. Well…one beer led to another..and yet another over this joyous holiday that I flat out forgot about it. Heh….my login still works so I figured I’d sneek a post in before she gets up.

Anyhoo…I just basically wanted to say that I am personally happy and glad that both these clowns made it out to the West Coast safely. I am sure that the both of them will have happy…happy times together. The way I see it is if they can both survive each others company driving cross country…the relationship is pretty much solid. As far as I know no attempts were made to dump one of the two in one of the countries “middle states”. Nope…they made it out to “frisco” in one piece.

Well..all I can say is I wish the both of you much happiness and many good times together. You two are a match made in heaven and I’m sure the Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey will love to have you on board.
Again….hope the two of you share many memories together. You do seem like the perfect match. Just remember me when you start looking for your flower girl.

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