looong weekends

by left_blank on July 5, 2004

i just love long weekends … but i hate when they are coming to an end.

first, you don’t have any energy to actually do anything. which is fine, except there’s still stuff to be done because you pissed away the rest of the weekend. you know?

then, you dread going back to work because you know stuff has piled up and there will be 18.5 million phone calls and emails from people needing their stuff done yesterday!

so it’s like a double-threat. pow pow. jab AND uppercut. gah.

i could probably break the cycle. you know, get up off my ass and actually get some stuff done. but then what would i have? just a bunch of stuff done and no time left to sit on my ass.

wait, that’s like a triple-threat now. dayum … now i REALLY hate the end of looong weekends.

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