Getting my (insert task here) on

by statia on July 8, 2004

I could totally dig this “woman of leisure” thing. It’s been really nice having a week and a half off between leaving my old job and starting my new one. Even with the stress of moving, it’s been nice to know that I don’t have to rush anywhere. I can get up, do my thing, learn my way around the new town, get lost, which I already managed to do today, among other things. I took G-man over to the dog park in our neighborhood. One thing about PA was that the dog parks were a little bit further apart. So getting to them was a pain in the ass, the one here is five minutes away. Everything that I need is five minutes away. I feel like I’m living in a resort. I also found the local library, and got myself a nice purdy purple library card. Now I can get my read on again. They even have self check out which, I’m a big fan of. I was suprised that many of the local grocery stores didn’t have self check out yet. I’ve been doing self checkout for years in PA. The less stupid people I have to deal with, the better.

Now that I’ve gotten out and about, I’m finally starting to feel at home here. I’m feeling like a good fire, a good book and some mellow music.

I had forgotten about George Winston, who I used to listen to in high school. The meester fired up some of his stuff on the long drive out to California. He does an excellent version of Pachelbel’s Canon, which is one of my all time favorite classical pieces.

George Winston – Variations on the kanon by Pachelbel

Right click and save as, you know the drill by now.


sledge July 9, 2004 at 1:33 am

You know… I just moved as well, and I feel the same way – plus, everything I need is less than five minutes away as well – including a TARGET!

Woodamn, I say!

Tom July 9, 2004 at 7:16 pm

Pachabel’s canon?

Try “Kom Susser Tod” (Come sweet death), by Bach.

Now that is music.

Bach is AWESOME!!

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