Thank god it’s friday

by statia on June 10, 2004

M’love comes in tomorrow for the weekend. I’m hoping it’s a nice relaxing weekend. This week has been hell on me. Lots of stress, which caused me to be sick. It was so bad that I ended up going to the doctor. Of course, magically, I was better this morning, which I’m happy about, but only after I waited for 2 hours at the doctors office.

We’re going to see Prisoner of Azkaban tomorrow. Finally. I waited to see it, which I normally never do. I usually run to see the Harry Potter movies on the first day. I’ve had to be really careful not to read any spoilers, especially since POA was my favorite book in the series thus far. We’re going to see a matinee, hopefully it won’t be crowded.

We may even head up to my parents tomorrow to pick up my third row seat for the expedition. Yeah, I’m really hoping that we don’t actually run into my parents. For his sake. I don’t know that I’ll ever be ready to expose him to the dysfunction that is my family. He knows about them all too well, so I don’t think he’ll be wearing those rose colore glasses. Though, after the “interesting” conversation we had today about yoinkings by way of prostate exams, physicals, and getting prodded in the ya ya, I’m sure he can handle anything.


Princess June 10, 2004 at 4:35 pm

*prods you in the ya ya*

Your folks are pretty whack, but remember, we _______ aren’t ALL bad!

Lisa June 11, 2004 at 12:14 am

Well, get lots of sleep and I hope you feel better tomorrow!

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