Put me in coach, I’m ready to play today

by statia on March 11, 2004

Sunday we fire up the neighborhood co ed softball league. I haven’t played softball since I was in high school. So it should be interesting. What’s even more interesting, is that I have a weekend full of drinking planned. Not even like, I’m trying to drink all weekend, plans just sort of happened this way. Friday night I have a “singles” party to go to back in my hometown. A bunch of my friends are throwing this little shindig. I want to go to see my friends, but a night of forced mingling with others who are on the prowl is not really my cup of tea. I did one of those for the guys at the radio station I tried out for a couple of years back. I should have brought the peppers and onions because it was a gigantic sausage factory. Heh.

Saturday is a neighborhood pub crawl that everyone is starting out bright and early for. 9am sharp. It should be extra fun for that 10am softball game on Sunday.

*cries uncle* My liver is going to hate me.

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