Laced with a little bit of crack cocaine

by statia on February 18, 2004

Seriously. What the fuck is up with diet coke with lime? People talk about this stuff like it’s the second coming of christ. I swear I see women stop and “take a moment” when they talk about it. I don’t even want to know what happens when they drink the stuff. It has to be laced with crack, or something. I tried diet coke with vanilla and I almost gagged. Granted, lime and vanilla, are totally different tastes altogether, but really, I wanted to hurl. I generally don’t drink soda unless I have a strong craving for it. Which is maybe once every two years. The carbonation gives me a bad stomach ache, and it’s just wasted. I try to keep my liquid intake clear.

I’m still not feeling all that great. Something tells me that this isn’t still the coffee that’s making me feel nauseated. I know there’s some sort of bug going around. You know it’s bad when the thought of anything going into your stomach, makes it churn. Even truffles.


Pamela February 18, 2004 at 7:51 pm

Diet Coke is poison with aspartame any way.
Star bucks has a lovely Mocha Java decaf that RULES. It has no caffeine, and the process they use to remove it is with water instead of chemicals.
Chamomille tea is good for soothing the stomach.
Feel better…

tony February 18, 2004 at 8:04 pm

I betcha its the quizno’s hamsters getting their revenge on you for your evil words!

That or its the bug. Yeah, probably the bug. And don’t even get me started on the thought of Diet Coke with lime. Or Diet Coke *without* lime.

Got anything in a nice Labatt’s?

sphinx February 18, 2004 at 8:05 pm

if you can’t eat truffles…. there is DEFINETLY something wrong.

sledge February 18, 2004 at 8:08 pm

if you need to add lime to your drinks to make them taste better, than you have problems.

(not YOU, per se – just an example. ;) )

Ed February 18, 2004 at 8:41 pm

Pretty much every lame attempt at new and exciting flavor variations has been worthless.

“No, I don’t want the new Defcon-4-Tie-Dyed-Diet-Ultra-Cherry-Squirt, I just wanted a Pepsi. Forget it. I’ll get a water.”

rob February 18, 2004 at 10:37 pm

I must be living under a rock or maybe this fad hasn’t hit Texas yet. Lime and Coke…puke. I remember in the 80′s when Pepsi mixed in lemmon. It seems every 15 years or so “they” rehash some puke like it’s new. That reminds me of the McPig or as McDanolds would call it the “McRib”. More crap that did not make the test market 15 plus years ago.

Hope you feel better.


tricia February 19, 2004 at 1:25 am

How’s that ass pee coming? heh. Did you know that they actually put crack in Coke when it first came out? It was their secret ingredient. Wow, you learn something new everyday.

stinkerbell February 19, 2004 at 4:57 am

I am with Sphinx- if truffles are making you sick that is bad news.

Hope you feel better soon!

nastybastard February 19, 2004 at 12:37 pm

1. It is the second coming of Christ. In fact it’s the main character in “The Passion”. 2. You’re pregnant.

corgibuddy February 19, 2004 at 5:11 pm

I tried diet coke with lime last night and almost spit it up right then and there. In my opinion it tastes just like Alka Seltzer. Blech!

Hope you’ll feel better soon.

Melissa February 20, 2004 at 6:52 pm

I’ve tried it, and I think it’s awful. For some reason the lime flavor, while not entirely fake-tasting, reminds me of the way the lime wedge tasted after too many tequila shots. Ugh.

But hey, to each their own :)

Yolanda February 23, 2004 at 6:27 pm

Diet coke or regular coke with lime makes a really good mixing ingredient, if you mix it with jack daniels with it, it tates YUMMY!!!!

LisaC February 26, 2004 at 2:35 am

I LOVE vanilla diet coke. It is what keeps me awake…

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