We’re cookin’…… with gas, it’s natural

by statia on December 16, 2003

Yesterday I got my second electric bill since moving. Everything is electric, except for my heat, which is gas, which I didn’t realize at first. I’m so used to having electric everything. My bill last month was about 92 bucks. Which is fine. Not a big deal. This month, my electric bill was 221 bucks. I did a double take at first, thinking that my payment had somehow crossed in the mail, and that the difference was my actual bill. I inspected the statement a bit further and notice that they had recieved my payment. I’m seeing the breakdown, of the bill, but it isn’t registering, that my heat is gas. I know the boys downstairs have a gas stove and I thought maybe they mixed our bills up.

After a few calls, I realize that is my bill, and I start to freak the fuck out. There is no way, that my little 800 square foot apartment (if that) is costing me $148 worth of gas for a month. Especially when it’s just me, and I rarely use my heat. I have a little space heater that I use if I get cold. Here I am stressing. It’s the holidays, I’m broke as hell, and now I have a $221 utility bill. Good thing they can’t shut off my power during the winter.

Here, I come to realize that it’s an estimated reading. Who the hell estimates that high of a reading for an apartment that size? I called the asshats at Peco and told them that there’s no reason for them to estimate that high and that I would like them to promply hurry their asses out here and give me an actual reading.

They can kiss my ass if they think they’re getting anymore money out of me.

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