It’s electric

by statia on December 19, 2003

Ok, seriously. Does anyone know how to combat static electricity in hair? My hair has been mad static-y all damn week, and it’s driving me insane. I’ve tried hairspray on the brush, a bit of gel. Nothing.

Someone rub their feet on the carpet and shock me. Maybe it’ll neutralize the hair.


kat December 19, 2003 at 3:08 pm

Hand lotion.

mikey December 19, 2003 at 3:13 pm

you could always shave it…

oh wait. which hair?

Amy December 19, 2003 at 3:19 pm

Redken’s Outshine during the day and tons of conditioner in the shower.

rickg December 19, 2003 at 3:23 pm

well, I know it sounds stupid but Bounce dryer sheets can be rubbed on things to eliminate static – maybe that’d work on your hair? otherwise, get a humidifier of some sort for your apartment.

Mac December 19, 2003 at 3:26 pm

Whenever my hair gets a little too out of control I spray a little bit of Static Guard in front of me and then sort of walk through it. I will do whatever it takes not to have staticy hair.

robyn December 19, 2003 at 3:36 pm

I was going to suggest what rickg did — fabric softener sheets. Don’t rub “really” well on the hair shafts or you’ll end up with greasy hair. But when I had long hair, just lightly gliding one across the strands always did the trick.

kellen December 19, 2003 at 3:39 pm

i always rinse my hands in the sink and then run my fingers through my hair.

and touch the filing cabinets a lot.

Nero December 19, 2003 at 3:48 pm

Conditioner, if you leave it in for a bit longer than usual while in the shower, it should help get rid of static.

fran December 19, 2003 at 4:25 pm


Shit, did I say?

dewnut December 19, 2003 at 5:46 pm

Holey shit fran, that was funny!!!


Mike December 19, 2003 at 6:45 pm

*rubs feet on carpet*
Shocking, eh?

Aim December 20, 2003 at 10:06 pm

a good friend of mine does hair for runway shows and she suggests spraying a bit of static guard on your brush and then running the brush through your hair. She said it is perfectly safe for your tresses ;)

Scarlett December 22, 2003 at 9:42 am

The dryer sheet thing really works for quick fixes, but put a couple inside your pillow case and it will help to cut down on it too. Also, washing your hairbrush out a couple of times a week works well too.

cyberangel December 23, 2003 at 3:56 pm

I’ll go with the conditioner thing. Just leave it in a bit longer. It needs to be by itself, not in those 2-in-1 jobs. That doesn’t work.

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