You’d think I’d be getting a lot done with no internet or cable.

by statia on October 20, 2003

Let’s revisit why Mondays suck shall we?

2am – g-man wakes up with an ear infection. Rather, he was probably getting an ear infection, and because of all of the commotion, I didn’t notice until it was really bothering him. I feel like a shit heel. I feel even more like a shit heel because in my groggy half catatonic sleep state, I complained to him about wanting to just go to sleep.

6am – It’s still fucking dark and cold as a I walk g-man around the neighborhood.

7:37am – leave house, 15 minutes later than normal, on a new route, on a Monday. Sit in traffic

8:10am – arrive to work 10 minutes late and miss a conference call.

8:20am – Screw up my cream of wheat, debate whipping the now cement like substance at someone’s head.

8:25am – after scraping aforementioned cream of wheat out of the bowl and sandblasting the remnants out, make new bowl.

8:27am – grab for maple syrup, overshoot it a bit so that it goes sliding out of my hand and splatters all over the back of my pants, my chair, my sweater, and the floor.

11:48 – after a two hour meeting, sit in maple syrup (again).

Yeah, it’s been that kind of day.

So my landlord comes over yesterday, asking if he can try to cram the couch up the stairs. Yeah buddy, cause you can fit ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag. Called my neighbor to see how his hungover ass was doing (after picking two of them up the night before from a wedding) and he let me know that g-man had been barking for the past two hours. Lovely. I still don’t have blinds on my bedroom or bathroom windows. The two most important windows. I need closet organization. My face looks like a pizza right now.

I’m complaining, I know. I just want to go home, pass out and not wake up for a week. Unfortunately, I have like 2342534634 rubbermaid containers to unpack.

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