You like me, you really really like me.

by statia on October 17, 2003

I have to love when normal everyday people are getting their fifteen minutes by being interviewed on tv. Especially the Today Show. Some of the people they interview are just screaming inside to say something stupid. Some aren’t, and they’re genuinely nervous, and you can tell they’re trying not to say anything that will make them look like a retard.

I was getting ready for work and watching Matt and Katie interview this guy who wrote a book on how to bowl the perfect game. He had to be about 75 or so. He told them he was nervous as hell basically. Of course, he did end up saying something stupid, to which Matt and Katie sort of laughed “with him”. You know the guy felt like an ass. Poor guy actually said goodbye before they ended the segment.

Oh, and just an FYI: What she says, pretty much goes the same for me.

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