Who invited the snow miser?

by statia on October 3, 2003

It was in the 30′s this morning. The 30′s?!? At least give me 50′s or 60′s.

With the cold weather brings the bugs out to look for warmer shelter, and being that I back up to a wooded area, I see all sorts of crap that I really don’t care to meet with on any given day.

Like the house centipede.

These have got to be the ugliest fuckers in the history of bugs, and I got the pleasure of seeing one as long as my index finger this morning in the stairwell.
*cringes*. Why is it that when you see some heinous bug in any sort of confined area, you walk leaning away, like the thing is going to jump off the wall and attack you?

This is not something I want to see first thing in the morning. Because you know that I’m going to worry about it finding away to get into my place, and hide until I’m just about ready to go to sleep.

*update*: That thing is still sitting in the same place as it was yesterday morning. Now I’m convinced it’s planning something against me.


matt October 3, 2003 at 10:19 am

when we got all of that rain last month we had spiders running out the ass. most of them are gone, but it’s still no fun waking up at 5:30 because your wife is screaming at a big hairy spider the size of a half dollar.

Hey Lisa October 3, 2003 at 10:40 am

EW EW EW! I’d freak if I found something like that in my house!

Oh, and you mean to say they won’t jump off the wall and attack me?? Are you sure about that?

theresa October 3, 2003 at 10:50 am

omfg i hate those things. i’d never even seen one before until we moved to VA and i found one in my room at 2am. i think all bugs are disgusting, but those are the most vile creatures on the planet. *shudder*

Michelle October 3, 2003 at 11:02 am

Oh my god… I had one of those in my sink the other day while I was doing dishes and I freaked. I pretty much hate anything with more than 4 legs. So I had one of those glass scrubby brushes with the long handles and I just stabbed at it until it stopped skirming and then chucked it down the drain and ran the water for 10 minutes so I was sure that it wouldn’t regenerate and crawl back up for revenge. The whole time I’m doing this I’m standing as far away I can possibly get from my sink. And then when it was all over I had to leave the room until my heart rate went back to normal. :-)

skits October 3, 2003 at 11:56 am

*shudder* Ugh, I hate those things. I haven’t seen any since I moved to Cali. I wonder if they even have them here? Not that I’m especially in a hurry to find out…

buddha October 3, 2003 at 12:45 pm

Those things are nasty. I’ve seen some as small as a fingernail and I’ve seen some as large as an index finger. I have no idea where they come from nor do I really want to know.
Spiders do it in for me. Not small ones but the big ones. I just smacked one with my dog’s frisbee the other night. It was about the size of a half dollar. All furry and stuff…

Erin October 3, 2003 at 6:58 pm

ugh I had one in my living room yesterday, it was soooooo nasty

Eden October 4, 2003 at 12:35 am

OMG. I hate those things! We had them all the freakin time in our old house. *shudders*

Sweety October 4, 2003 at 6:12 am

Ew! Ew! I’ve never seen one before but I don’t really want to! UGH!
When I see a spider in our house I first scream very loud hoping that my lover will come and rescue me… but when that doens’t happen I grap some toiletpaper and will stare like 15 minutes at the creature figuring out HOW to kill it or catch it … BUGS suck :(

gojou October 4, 2003 at 6:19 am

Girls are so funny!

jay October 4, 2003 at 8:41 am

Come on… how can you not like this guy?

And a little something for your listening pleasure.


Mister Mittens October 4, 2003 at 9:53 am

You know if they?re cooked right they taste just like chicken! Hope you don?t find any in you bed?

[Mister Mittens ? One tasty pussy]

Niki October 4, 2003 at 3:58 pm

Reminds me of the dead bug collection my sister took up when she & my parents moved up to Prescott, AZ… she has two dead scorpions, and a few dead millipede’s. And that’s just within the month that they’ve been there.

At least they’re dead. I’d be more worried about her if she tried to capture them alive. Ick.

tricia October 4, 2003 at 4:36 pm

Dude, why didn’t you just kill it?

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