Where the wild things are

by statia on September 1, 2003

Right behind my house there’s a small wooded area. With the small wooded area comes little fuzzy things, big fuzzy things, creepy crawly things, you name it. Sometimes, it’s a bit unsettling, other times, it’s a bit surprising. The last run of the night, I usually just let g-man right out the back door sans leash, because I know that he’s well behaved enough, and it’s basically uneventful. It’s pouring out right now. I’m standing at the door, waiting for g-man, and I see weaving through the pine trees, a big ass possum! Those fucking things are ugly as hell. I thought for sure, g-man would notice it, but luckily, he didn’t. I don’t know if he would have gone after it. I’ve seen him walk two feet away from a duck, and not even go after it.

Fucking things give me the creeps.


sledge September 1, 2003 at 11:12 pm

Dude. possums are indeed creepy – i have seen more than my share. at work, we have skunks that will hang around the building, get startled by the air conditioner turning on and SPRAY the unit – thus bringing the lovely scent inside the building.

I also saw a few deer last night outside my aprtment, which was rather odd for where i am. i blogged about it last night, so go read it. ;)

Amy September 1, 2003 at 11:18 pm

Gromit being oblivious is much better then our dog who kills (and eats) birds and squirrels from the back yard.

Lisa-grrl September 2, 2003 at 12:14 am

Possums are nasty creatures. I’m glad Gromit didn’t notice it.

Peri never notices when the bunnies hop past him until they’re long gone.

theresa September 2, 2003 at 1:09 am

We’ve gotten opposums stuck in our trash can before. They are MEAN. They hiss.

Our dog prefers to bark at nothing when it’s dark outside. It makes him feel more macho.

gojou September 2, 2003 at 2:09 am

Care to hear about the time I found a possum under my bed?

Carol Andrus September 2, 2003 at 5:01 am

Around here, possums are usually only seen as roadkill, but one night a couple years ago I looked out my window and saw what I thought was the world’s ugliest cat wandering past. Nope, just a live possum for a change. First and last time I’ve ever seen one that was still breathing.

sphinx September 2, 2003 at 9:09 am

Mmmmmmm fuzz.

fran September 2, 2003 at 4:38 pm

Living in L.A. you wouldn’t think possums are common but interestingly enough, they are. I am not sure what bothers me more about them, that they are so unpredictable-will they run at you and jam their teeth to your face, or will they cower into a corner until you leave, or even yet, will they turn into a transformer and tranform into a pumpkin pie, whip cream on top?- or that they are soooo creepy looking, especially their eyes…lol

livie September 2, 2003 at 5:51 pm

I totally agree that the possums in the US are hideous–but the ones in australia are like cute little bunnies or something, and dont have tails like rats. why cant our possums be like that?!

kat September 2, 2003 at 9:12 pm

possums make great road kill.

mikey September 3, 2003 at 12:44 pm

dude, i don’t even like the word “possum”…

Stephanie September 3, 2003 at 2:10 pm

Was it creepy because it had a big ass?

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