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by statia on September 29, 2003

Lately I’ve been getting razzed about how nice I sound on my voice mail message. I know it surprises people that know me. I get people calling me all day, so I really can’t be rude, but it goes way beyond that. When I was younger, 13 or so, one of my best friends in high school had a mom who was a phone manner nazi. If I would call up and say, “Is Karen there?” She would correct and humiliate me all at once by saying “Hi Mrs. [insert name here], how are you. This is Statia, may I speak with Karen please?” Yeah, and me being the defiant little shit that I was would get completely creased. Most parents loved me, because I generally tended to have good manners, and respected my elders. Karen’s mother thought that I was a bad influence on her daughter. I emphasize that because if she only knew that it was really the other way around. Karen’s mother never really liked me all that much. Anyway, over time, this actually just got to be second nature to me. Karen and I drifted apart after high school, and I haven’t spoken to her now in about 4 years or so, but my phone manners when calling and asking for someone are impeccable. Same goes for my voice mail. I suppose to please my friends and make it less creepy for them, I could say, “This is Statia, leave a fucking message and maybe I’ll get back to you.”

But I’ve never been one to conform to standards.


buddha September 29, 2003 at 9:11 pm

I’ve been made fun of because of my “phone” talk compared to my “normal” talk. I’m a clown by nature so when people hear me on the phone they can’t help but laugh when I put on my “professional” voice. Go figure. It’s not even an act. It’s just the way I was brought up.

Heather September 30, 2003 at 12:43 am

I guess my Mom was a phone Nazi as well. If someone called for me and did not identify themselves she would merely hang up on them. Needless to say that only happened once to anyone that called for me!

And, yes, my phone manners are incredible as well, even when calling Dominos to order a pizza I identify myself before I say anything!

Beth September 30, 2003 at 12:01 pm

I love having “phone voice” it’s my own little way of acting. With a job that requires me to answer phone calls with idiots, it’s the only way to not get fired!

dobber September 30, 2003 at 5:06 pm

I have never met a phone nazi that I liked. Off with their heads

jason September 30, 2003 at 10:51 pm

Recently I’ve adopted a very rude voicemail message. Somehow my number at work got put in the directory as the number for the copy center and I get several wrong numbers a day. So now I never answer my phone and my message tells people if they are looking for the copy center they have the wrong number and should not leave a message. I’m amazed how many people will leave a message when they clearly have the wrong number.

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