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by statia on August 28, 2003

So last week, Peat sent me an email for a blogger interview. Thing is, his was so much longer and in depth than most were, that I had to comb through it with a fine tooth comb to answer the questions. I couldn’t sit down and do it all at once. I finally got around to finishing it tonight.

I had to weed out the political stuff. Not my bag baby. It’s still quite long, but hey, maybe you’ll learn something.

1 Tell us about your approach to blogging, how you became a blog star–feel free to give us any secrets you might want. Also, why/when did you start to blog?

Well, I actually started blogging with the intention of just keeping a dreamlog. I really never expected to just start blogging, and having a lot of people read it. As for being a blog star, two words: the rack.

2. Ok this one cheats. Many questions here about blogs and blogging please answer as many as you can.
Your eternal soul rests on recommending one blog to the powers that be…what blog to you recommend?
I can’t just recommend one, it’d be too hard.
The most underrated/overrated blog is ?
Pshaw, and risk my blog stardom? *snicker* No, really, I don’t think I could answer that.
Percentage of bloggers that are addicted to blogging? Aren’t we all? Blogging is a mentality for most people that have gotten into it.
The best/worst thing about blogging is?
Best: being able to log your thoughts, worst: Drama
Percentage of your average day that you actually think about blogging is? At least half, I mean, you’re always looking for material. Everything is “blogable”.
What would you do with all that time if you didn’t blog?
I’ve slowed down a bit, but I’d probably try to get rid of this “healthy monitor glow” with some real natural color.
T or F –I feel pressured to blog (details if you wish) Sometimes, so I guess that’d be true.
T or F– Bloggers are way too generous in offering personal information (where they live, pictures of kids, etc…) True. I think it’s why a lot more people are turning to passworded blogs.

3. This one cheats too–many questions all in one– fill in the blanks
A song that will make you sing out loud in your car and pound the steering wheel every time.

Wow, there are many. I’d have to say one that sticks out right now is Bad Animal by Bloodhound Gang.

Three people in your dream dinner party and why:

My grandmother (paternal, never met her). Ray Liotta, and Denis Leary, heh.

Two famous people who annoy you so much you’d pay the $49.95 to watch them in a celebrity death match. Oh that’s easy… Jen and Ben.
Your house is on fire. Everyone, your pets are safe. What’s one item are you going back to your house to get

You know, that’s a tough one. I don’t think I could pick just one, but I know that i’d be something technology related. Most likely, my cell phone, because it’s the only phone I have.

One thing that isn’t too popular (politically correct or whatever) in the world that you secretly (or openly and don’t care) kinda dig (ex: making fun of old people, boy bands, cruelty to cats, whatever)

Oh, man, I can only list one thing? The list is way too long.

Number of times a during sex when you are thinking of something other than what is happening: Depends on how good the sex is ;o)

One possession you’d show off to impress a visitor?

My car, but mostly because I look like a midget getting out of a school bus. I’m really not much of a showy person.

The show on television that most proves we’re a nation of idiots is:

Every reality tv show ever produced.

Favorite school moment/memory:

Graduating, I hated school.

Fav life memory:
getting married

Most embarrassing moment:

Ending up with stitches in my chin from tripping over a pair of shoes.

Most gratifying moment:

the day I moved out on my own
Fav color: black
Fav Season: fall
The best pickup line someone has used on me is:

“Did you just say Julia Goulia?” (I swear to shit they said that)

Best/worst invention ever:

Best invention, the George foreman, worst, ron popeils spray on hair. What the fuck was he thinking?

Thing that bugs me most about myself is: I’m too anxiety ridden.
Thing I like most about me is: My sense of humor
If I could live anywhere I would live:

Somewhere where it was 75 degrees and sunny everyday.

If I was granted three wishes they would be:

to be comfortable monetarily, to be surrounded by my closest friends all the time, to be able to trust, open up and let go.

On 9/11 I was: at my parents house, laid off, watching the whole day happen before me on tv.

The thing I worry most about is: Death.
The thing that most people worry a lot about that I could care less or think is actually quite stupid to worry about is: What other people think about them.

The worst way to die would be: In a plane crash.

4. This one cheats too way too many True or False questions to finish things off.
I never anticipated how popular my blog would become True
Too many people blog False (in the grand scheme of things, no, considering so many don’t even know what a blog is)
Trolls were created by the devil. True
I miss Seinfeld True
Country Music is of the Devil True
I am rarely truly happy True
I dream about sex a lot depends really, on how much I’m getting.
I am well-adjusted and comfortable in my own skin So very false.
Too many people take blogging way too seriously True
I block at least one IP a day False
I am hit on at least once per day True
I check my visit stats once a day at least False
I’m ready for this interview to be good and done. Damn you Peat
I have too many candles in my house. False
I love bologna Ew, False
I drink too much False (I don’t think I drink enough)
I am considering quitting blogging if I continue to get stupid email interviews like this Damn you Peat
I cuss a lot Fuckin’ true.
I am a Deadhead False
Most people are idiots True

5. A bit morbid here, a parting thought you might give to the world on your death bed or at the end of an extremely longer than planned interview.

Laugh long, and laugh hard.


Jonathan August 29, 2003 at 12:09 am

Nice interview.

It’s some kind of vendetta thing, that you tripped over shoes (“Ending up with stitches in my chin from tripping over a pair of shoes.”). Don’t be surprised if you discover one day that your masses of shoes have banded together to plot your demise.

For being a star in its own right, I was disappointed with the rack coverage; the rack needs an interview!

Lisa-grrl August 29, 2003 at 8:09 am

Good interview. I learned some new stuff about you.

peat August 29, 2003 at 2:11 pm

Outstanding. Thanks very much!

DiVERSiONZ August 29, 2003 at 2:13 pm

5 Questions For Statia

My interview with the blog stah Statia is up at Pizza Dreaming! Yay. Thanks Statia.

Norm August 29, 2003 at 3:14 pm

Maybe the rack needs more exposure. Seems like its been awhile.

ChrisTina August 30, 2003 at 3:38 pm

Hey y’all. I’m going to use this questionaire in my blog. Thanks!

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