kickin’ ass and taking names

by statia on May 13, 2003

I’ve been a little bit quiet the past few weeks. I’ve been trying to get my work mojo flowing, as well as get things underway for school. I was targeting June start, but it looks like plans will fall for the fall semester, which actually works out fine for me because I’ve got some stuff to do this summer. I’ve been trying to keep up on reading, but I haven’t had much to say in the way of comments. Just brain fried. I’m working extra hours during the week so that I have every other Friday off. Summer hours kick ass! My ex and I have been playing visitation for the “boys” this summer also. It’s like custody for dogs. He gets both one weekend and vice versa. I think it’ll be a good plan for both of us.

I’d like to know where spring went. Anyone? You’d better give it back. It’s cold, gray and windy here.

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